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Jan. 12th, 2009


What the fuck? How the fuck? FUCK! [open to ALL!!]

Connor wasn't one for surprises. I mean, sure, he liked to joke around with his brother, but for serious pranks, that was left to other people. Working at the meat packing plant had certainly eaten a lot of their time up a few months ago, but ever since the discovery of 'The Duke' being their father, things were very different. The money they had procured from the hits in the beginning had been enough to sustain his 2 main food groups. Pizza and beer.

That random Wednesday he will not likely forget. He awoke to be standing in his disheveled room, with the other bed empty of his brother. Normally, his brother woke him, or visa-versa, so seeing the bed that way was...a little out of the ordinary. Quickly he threw on a black T-Shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Lacing his boots up, he then headed out the door, to see something that wasn't supposed to be there. A hallway. They traded in their squatting apartment for one with their father...and it wasn't on an upper floor. It was on the first floor. He walked briskly to the right of their door, passing several doors that he still did not recognize.

At the end of the building was a window. He stopped, weighed his options, and went back to his room to get a gun. Picking up his hand gun and two extra clips, he strapped them into his black boot and headed back towards the window. Connor was on the third floor of a building he didn't recognize, and a city he had never been to. That was bad. What made it ever worse, is his brother and father were nowhere to be found. Exiting the building via fire escape, he hit the pavement and stood completely still.

"Well, this is certainly sucks. How the fuck did I end up here?" he said in his southern Boston-Irish dialect. He scratched his head.

Things were not looking good. Not good at all.