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Jun. 16th, 2016


Devil Disguise (Matt)

Castiel was staring at a strange sight. Standing on one of the taller rooftops and staring down, the angel was indifferent to the stiff breeze playing with his hair and coat. He was watching an incredibly strange spectacle of one man fighting others. Apparently they were bad guys, and the man fighting them now was dressed.... well, like one of the super heroes. Except not. His costume was very odd, it was an unsettling red. And aspects of it, especially some odd horn fixtures on his helmet, resembled the modern interpretation of Lucifer. Castiel didn't waste time anymore thinking about how off the humans were in their imagery of him and his kin, but he was very confused why a human would dress himself in such a manner with the apparent intent to prevent criminals from succeeding in their acts.

The angel also noted the man's fighting style. He was obviously very well trained, and extremely disciplined. But it wasn't typical for a human. Castiel wondered if he was some kind of mutant, he seemed to be reacting to his environment with senses humans were not meant to have. It gave him an edge in the fight, one he could have used to end it quickly; minimal damage sustained and with several lives righteously taken. But again, he wasn't clear in his intent. He was taking more hits and drawing out the fight, using his weapons to simply knock each thug unconscious. It had to have been draining physically to draw out the fight, but as the last man dropped Castiel could tell, even at this distance, that they would all live.

He vanished from his position high above the scene, reappearing at the edge of the roof where the men were, exactly behind the victorious figure. His arrival didn't disturb the air around him or even the gravel under his feet. He didn't breathe or move, simply staring at the red figure in body armor. He wondered if the man would be able to detect him without turning. His body did not give off many signals mortals usually relied upon; he had no breath or heartbeat. He was able to keep perfect stillness if he wanted, discounting the slight rustle of his garments as the breeze caught them. But he suspected this man used another sense to keep track of what happened around him. And, if he did, Castiel was keen to test it. It may wind up giving him more insight as to the nature of this new encounter.

Apr. 11th, 2015


Pinnacle (Castiel)

Exhaustion was threatening James in a way that made him fearful for the red-headed little slip of a woman sleeping in the bed across the room. He had promised her to stay, to keep her nightmares at bay, and (oddly) to comfort her when she needed it. James would never have considered himself capable of comforting anyone, but she... She still clung to him as if he could make everything all right again. And he wanted to. He wanted to do that for her very much.

But he'd been pacing the bedroom they shared for the last three hours in the attempt to stay awake, and he felt more like a danger to her than a protector. The edges of his world were fading red-gray around the edges. He had started to think in Russian again.

James stood in front of the window overlooking the City. In the midnight hour, the City had been yet moving. But now, in the navy deeps of the evening, he detected very little movement at all. Across the rooftops, a great white steeple rose. Something deeply buried inside him told him that there was peace under that marker. That promise pulled strongly at him, over and over.

And when he found himself half-dreaming on his feet at the window, he finally gave in. He opened the window, closed it gently behind him, and walked the ledge until he could lead to the next roof. The church called him forward.

Jan. 26th, 2015


Another Angel in a Trenchcoat (Jesse)

Castiel had spent a while alone after meeting Baba. He had decided he didn't like her, he didn't like how her words stuck in his mind. Creatures who knew how to make words stick tended to like to mess with people, and Castiel was tired of those types of games.

At least she didn't seem to be a rampaging evil, though. She obviously had her own designs, and Castiel was pretty sure he wouldn't like some of them, but without any signs of active evil-doing, Cas preferred to avoid her for now.

Coming back to the habited City the angel walked around for a while, and eventually found himself drawn into a dingy little bar that most might have walked by without even seeing. Perhaps the attraction was that it reminded him of a place where Sam and Dean would end up, and he was still somewhat optomistic he'd find the bothers here somewhere.

He walked in, and almost instantly felt the presense of something else. Something very powerful. His eyes instantly found a being contained in a vessel at the bar, and walked forward almost shakily towards him. Under his shirt the pendant he'd borrowed from Dean, all but forgotten, suddenly started to burn white hot, and a few feet away from the human body Castiel finally tore his eyes off the other being and looked down, swiping over the jewelry with his hand. The burn was mended and the pendant's magic was shielded, and the angel took a deep breath. He was terrified of what he was sensing, and seeing, but he felt like some external force pushed the air out of his vessel's lungs.

"Father." The word was uttered softly, and with no shortage of respect, or humility. And all at once Castiel found himself at a loss as to what to say or do.

Jan. 25th, 2015


Careful Consideration (Baba)

Castiel stood outside one of the strangest homes he’d ever seen. He wasn’t even sure it was a home, really, the magic imbued in it gave it a lifelike presence that bordered more on creature than physical structure.

It was obviously very powerful, and spoke vaguely of what could only be a more powerful entity inside. But, from what the warrior had been able to gather, this was where the strange older woman Beauty had called “Red” lived.

He didn’t trust this woman, but she was clearly a strong entity, and she seemed to have taken at least a momentary interest in him. In Cas’ experience that was when bad things happened, so he had tracked her down to find out what her purpose was before any of his new friends in the City, and possibly older ones he hadn’t found yet, were dragged into something.

Still, he wasn’t quite determined enough to try breaking into that house and angering her outright, so after a few moments’ contemplation he turned, leading all of the humans in the vicinity a safe distance with subtle but undeniable encouragement, and then popped out of thin air directly in front of the structure, standing still as he looked up at it.

Woman, Red,” he spoke in his true voice, a sound that brought most humans to their knees in agony. He wanted to know how it would affect this… entity. “I would speak with you.

--- )

Jan. 9th, 2015


Scouting a New Place (Open)

The smell of pizza still lingered with Castiel as he teleported from rooftop to street corner, appearing, watching for a few moments, and then dissappearing after he was sure he hadn't found any of his friends. Or Megan. He held that image in his mind ahead of most, second only to Dean or Sam, part of him hopeful that he could do a favor for the Spiderman who'd fed him. It was still strange to him to eat, even after losing some of his power, but it also seemed to make him feel better at times. He supposed that might be a side affect from being human for a while, but since it was still unneccessary for him he wasted little time thinking about it. Not when there were people to find and information to gather.

As he moved he remained largely hidden, picking up information about this... "City", as it seemed to have no other name. He was also feeling stronger than he had in a while, perhaps with distance from the dead world, and by the time he appeared at the edge of a park he felt and looked normal once again, his battered clothes regenerating as the rest of his body did.

At the sidewalk's edge he stood, hands in his pockets, looking out over the green space. Everything here was... odd. Changed. Forced, even, though it felt like whatever placed it here had left it to its own devices since. The angel pondered the difference from his own planet and home, and from that of the dead world. Every new place he went felt fundamentally different, and so far neither alternative sat with him better than his own original had at the end.

Lost in thought as he watched people enjoy the afternoon, he didn't notice he'd reappeared, even when a passerby gasped and jumped slightly at the seemingly unremarkable man pop out of thin air. They hurried on, and Castiel continued to watch the people forelornly, unaware of having caused any fuss at all.

Jan. 3rd, 2015


Swing swing (Open)

Peter laughed softly.

It was habit more than anything, and he still got amused at the exhilarating rush that swinging through the trees like Tarzan gave him. Be it trees like these, or tall skyscrapers. He didn't imagine he would be seeing any tall concrete buildings in the near future, so trees it was. And he further imagined that Tarzan had never worried about dinosaurs. The scariest thing in that jungle, besides the apes, were the large cats. To be honest, Peter preferred the massive reptiles to the furry kitty types. But of course nobody had asked.

Another laugh and Peter swung easily through the trees. In a pack on his back he had a good amount of Benana's and Megano's, bringing them back to the collective. Or at least that had been his true purpose before becoming side-tracked with playing Ape man. For all of the challenges this world had, including trying to come up with creative ways to take his girlfriend out for a nice dinner, Peter quite enjoyed it. It was exotic, almost like a vacation of sorts. And God knew in New York a vacation was a pipe dream for a young hero.

Peter released the webbing once he had scaled the branch, using his body to swing himself forward. A flip and he closed his eyes for a split second. Of course, in that split second everything changed drastically. Instead of too hot climate, Peter suddenly was able to feel a more temperate climate, and he swore he could smell pizza in the air.

Dino Island didn't have pizza.....

His eyes jerked open and before he could right himself from his flip and state of shock, Peter crashed hard into a tangle of garbage bags and trash cans in an alley way. "Oof!" He breathed hard, the wind knocked out of him. Luckily he landed on his front, saving the strange, exotic fruit from a good squishing.

Not too badly scraped up, Peter managed to get his feet and turned, wandering out of the alley and into the sidewalk. Jaw agape, Peter stared in wonder at the city surroundings. "What the....?"

A turn to the left and there was that pizza place. City Pizza. Strange name for a pie place, but he only shrugged at himself and continued to scan the area. A Pawn shop, a night club, a park....he had to be dreaming. Was he dreaming?

And where was Megan? That hit Peter hard and almost threw him off balance.

Gathering himself, Peter started off in the direction of the pizza place, looking for any signs of the pink-haired pixie, and the love of his life.

Sep. 7th, 2011


To Us (Angels and Demons)

There is an invitation. The envelope it's in is made of a very thick, almost cardboard. Decorated with a design that looks like a mixture of feathers and flames. There is a seal on it, deep red wax, in the center, just a swirl. The paper is thinner, but no less well made. It's almost like touching cloth. The words upon it are done in a very beautiful script:

You are hereby invited to take part in a meeting in which you should discover very great things about what is around you.

Even if you choose to not accept this invitation, your daily movement around the City brings you to a building. There is only one door. The door is a very heavy, dark wood. It looks as if it might take a giant to open it, but it pulls free easily for you. When it shuts, it sounds almost as if a latch has clicked into place.

The room you are standing in is an odd shape. Triangular. The widest part is where the door is set in, and the other two walls meet opposite it to make the point. There is nothing in this room. No chairs, no table. No mirrors. No sign that anybody else will be able to get in here with you at all.

You will wait a while. When the last participant shows up, the walls in the center of the room will raise into the ceiling. From the floor will come a great table, laden with food and drink. Chairs will scoot out from where they were tucked away under it.

There are other people in this room with you.

Read more... )

Aug. 14th, 2011


Needing some angelic assistance (Castiel)

Wanda had been attacked by an eagle. Sam was now a Great Dane that lived on his couch - he tried not to think of what he was going to have to explain to Dinah later. It was the first time since both brothers had been in the City and aware of each other that they were actually living together. They weren't even working together much, and Dean was torn when it came to that. He wanted to work with Sam, but he was beginning to wonder if working with the big freak was part of why Sam had gone completely dark side. Plus, here they didn't exactly have the same issues; Gabe wasn't even pushing them to play their roles. He couldn't decide what to think of this bassackwards place.

Sam had somehow gotten out, and seeing as he hadn't heard from Murphy or Jen recently, meaning a night or so, Dean thought he'd take a moment before heading out to find more werewhatevers. The freaking huge eagle was a new one, and the reports seemed to hint that instead of were-eagles, they should be dealing with werewolves, or one werewolf. At least he wasn't having those damn nightmares.

He took a deep breath, then sighed. "Cas. Castiel. I could use some answers. Cas?" He wasn't putting his heart into it, or he was slightly distracted. He was bent over looking into the fridge for something the big ass dog Sam hadn't tried scarfing down.

"Seriously? Salad?" He stood up slowly with a salad shake thing in one hand and a beer in the other. "He's such a girl."

May. 10th, 2011


Angel to the rescue, no, not that Angel (Castiel/Fred Log, complete)

(Happens prior to this.)

Fred had tried calling for Castiel, but that had felt a little odd, just calling someone’s name out loud. She'd even found a summons, but she felt bad about summoning an angel. She didn't think it was right to treat any sentient being like it a dog - called with a whistle, treat, or threat. Plus, she'd done enough as it was. Or not enough. She still hadn't found the cure for whatever had happened to him. There had been moments that she felt like someone was watching, but she chalked it up to being paranoid. Even that one time in the shower; then again, she lived in a city that actually had its own Norman Bates.

She finally decided to give in and hit the Library; only they wouldn't let her near the computers. It aggravated her that they were going to keep her away from information. She wasn't sure what she would do, but there had to be something. After looking through various yellow pages, a few more angel books, and then a comic about Black Canary, she took a small break with a stop at the museum, or the display cases. Yes, nothing overly exciting or new. Dean’s amulet sitting there gave her some sort of comfort. He did exist. She was pretty certain he existed.

Fred headed out of the library and stopped, her brows furrowing. Had she had her clipboard on her when she went in? She stood not far from the side of the building, thinking about what she’d brought with her. Somewhere above something was rocking, something very big and heavy, something that could squish a frail human to a bloody mess. Said possible bloody squished mess shrugged and started on her way, deciding she hadn’t brought the board with her.

“Maybe a cafe!” One of those internet type places seemed like a good place. Did the City even have one of those internet type cafes? Well, she guessed she’d have to look. )

May. 8th, 2011


Looking For Confirmation (Open to any demons or angels)

Aziraphale might consider Crowley something of a friend, but that didn't mean he trusted the old demon. He knew the serpent well enough, he supposed, to still question anything he said, even after that whole affair with young Adam. So the first thing he'd done when Crowley left was attempt to contact Up There. He'd taken every precaution, not wishing a repeat of the last time. It was enough to be in a strange place, and he had no intention of ending up bodiless as well. The doors were well bolted, and blocked by bookcases for good measure, but he might as well not have bothered. Despite all his pal's warnings, he'd been shocked and disappointed.

Silence )

Apr. 23rd, 2011


It's Natural (Castiel log)

It had been a long day. Dean'd slept on the couch like he'd promised. He'd taken Jake to the hospital, made sure everyone had gotten where they needed to be, and even found a free place to stay. Sure, it was above a flower shop, and, no, there weren't any magic fingers. But, there was something good, wholesome, nice about having a place that wasn't paid for at best nightly, at worst hourly. He wasn't going to tell anyone he met that that's where he lived, but he could handle having some place to "come home to." Even if it was lacking two people he'd come to associate the word "home" with.

The hunter settled down the couch, groaning softly. The beer and sandwiches were tucked away in the fridge; what clothes he had needed to be washed, and he was a little surprised that there was a washer/dryer combo waiting for him. Dean hadn't asked for specifics, and maybe on some of it he probably should have - the decor was a little girlier than he'd like. But, who was he to complain? It was free, more or less.

The bottle of Blue Label sat on the end table beside him along with the glass. He hadn't poured any yet. No, he was just going to sit in his new apartment and wait for the hint of anxiety at the idea of 1) Lisa might find out and really break up with him and 2) he had settled down again. Drinking would help, but drinking didn't seem like the best idea sometimes when the world could change on him in the blink of an eye. Dean really thought he'd gotten used to that. )

Apr. 12th, 2011


Sometimes you get what you want, not what you need (Castiel/Fred log, cont'd in comments)

Fred had had fun, for the most part, but she was feeling a little down as she walked home. She hadn’t planned on someone walking home with her, so the walking home alone part really wasn’t all that surprising or unexpected. Yet, there were times she missed being in a group, waking up and walking down the stairs to find people who cared about her. They might not have “loved” her, but they certainly cared. Okay, so some might have loved her.

If asked, she’d say she was happy for Dinah and Harry; they were champions, and champions were meant to be together. But, that didn’t mean she didn’t feel a small twinge inside. When she got back to the office, she sat down on the couch, rather than going down to her/Angel’s basement apartment and stared at the box. The night had been fun, sort of. Being able to time travel had been fun, even if a little frustrating because she couldn’t quite figure it out, and she knew that if she wasn’t careful she could upset the space-time continuum which could be an issue even in the City where space and time weren’t normal. Seeing Lorne had certainly lifted her spirits a little, but it wasn’t the same.

She continued to stare at the box then blinked as it decided to come open. “Oh.” Her brows furrowed as she pulled out a small piece of origami paper and some instructions. )

Mar. 19th, 2011


The things that are (Castiel)

The recent news cast was on his mind. Murder wasn't a new thing in the City. Strange murders weren't even particularly unusual. But something deep inside of him said that this was only beginning. It could have been because they'd both worked at the asylum. Somebody out there had a grudge. He couldn't exactly fault them for being angry. His time, he knew by instinct, had been long. He didn't have a lot of memories of it, however, for good or for bad. Between the scarf nullifying his powers and the drugs they'd then pumped into him he'd been pretty much guaranteed nothing more than foggy half formed ideas.

On top of that, he was still trying to figure out the fancy new device that had been given to him. He would have opted to stay with the old one, if he could have. It'd taken him forever to get used to it. He knew he didn't use it for everything it was capable of, either. But that had vanished shortly after getting the new one. It had literally just vanished within minutes of opening the box containing the shiny device. Why he'd gotten the new one after the personal ad hilarity was beyond him. Maybe the City had wanted him to see what it had done. Or maybe it had been going alphabetically backwards in it's handing out of the thing. Or maybe it gave the new one to the new residents first and then worked it's way to him. Probably though, it was just that he hadn't checked his mail in a really long time since getting out of Arkham.

The news cast had popped up on it without his bidding, then had gone away again. After that, he'd spent a really long time trying to figure the damned thing out. It was no use. What he really needed was to find somebody who knew about this kind of shit, have them walk him through it or something. It's what he'd had to do the last time, too. Kids and their newfangled crap.

Because of this, he ran into somebody. Actually bumped right into another body. It was enough to jar him out of his thoughts and look up.

"Sorry fella." He offered, automatically putting a hand on the guy's elbow to steady him.

Mar. 18th, 2011


An angel and a genius have some coffee, no, really. (Castiel/Fred log)

Castiel took Dean’s suggestion of reconnaissance very seriously. Though demons could not track angels instinctively or vise versa, and Castiel was not afforded the senses that would reveal any of his brethren to him, he looked in what might be termed ‘the old fashioned way’--that is, by looking. That meant a lot of traveling through the City, staring at people and making them nervous, watching day-to-day activities and noting the patternless shifting of the Cityscape. It was truly one of God’s more bizarre creations. Since not even an archangel could create a reality that would fool Castiel, he was increasingly certain that his presence here was God’s Will.

This reassured him somewhat. )

Mar. 11th, 2011


Just a little good news never hurt (Castiel)

Dean was meeting all sorts of interesting types. So far, he had met a fishnet wearing superhero, a girl who knew him from before (whatever that was supposed to mean), a girl who had some major emotional and apparently mutant (yeah) issues, a demon he'd rather see dead, and an angel he knew should be dead. He was having one grab bag hell of a time. He'd yet to find his baby, and he was getting a little tired of not having answers, not even a little one. He still hadn't been able to get in touch with Sam and Bobby, meaning he couldn't even get help by phoning a friend. He didn't even want to consider getting help from the audience, as if he were on some tv show. Who'd watch a show based on his life anyway?

He grunted as he settled down on the Magic Fingers bed; he'd almost given up on buying alcohol anywhere that wasn't a bar, but it seemed he was getting lucky today. The Blue Label had been pretty damn cheap considering, and he was going to enjoy getting drunk off something that usually cost over two hundred dollars. Of course, it did make him miss everyone. Drink to remember, drink to forget. )