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May. 16th, 2015


ROARRRRRRR (Narrative)

Lumbering from its normal hunting grounds, across a span of land over an ocean, and into a strange place with mountains of shininess, the tyrannosaur followed its instincts to find the next dinner. There were tiny creatures running here and there. One especially stood out. Perhaps it was the red in the hair or the way it screeched as it ran. Either way, the tyrannosaur decided that it would be its next meal.

After devouring what turned out to be Anna of Arendelle, the tyrannosaur lumbered through the main street of the City, its tail thrashing down small shops and damaging larger skyscrapers.

It ate a car, or tried to, but then found it unappealing and spat it out into a public fountain. By the time it was done with Anna and the car, the people had mostly scattered. It ate a few others that didn't seem to know to run, and kept looking for larger prey.

Jan. 1st, 2015


Frozen Ice (Anna)

Ariel squinted as she beheld the strange sight that was erected before her. There was a small crowd of people standing one behind the other, almost seeming eager to get something...whatever it was they were waiting for. She read the sign over and over as it loomed over her, child-like as she stood there. There was dirt on her face, her red hair was a tangled mess from the fall she had taken when the Earth had shaken. And then she had ended up in this strange jungle of rocks.

And ice cream ?

What cream?

She knew was hard, frozen water. When the winter came often things in the sea grew of ice and they became frozen. But she didn't know ice cream. And trying to imagine it was confusing. Her mind swirled over a few things she was familiar with, but nothing was clicking together the right way.

She canted her head to the side as her gaze lowered, watching a small child skip out of line holding something strange in his fingers. It was a dripping, pile And green? And what was that thing it was sitting on as he held it?

Frustrated, lost and frightened, Ariel moved to sit down on the ground. She watched the crowd lessen, and then attract more. Her fingers rubbed absently over her eyes as she settled, sighing hard through her nose. Her frame was perched in the grass near the line, and try as she might she couldn't stop watching the strangers. All of them were strangers to her, all of them dressed in clothes she knew. She knew pants, shorts, shoes, shirts...dresses...the TARDIS had a large array of choices when it came to clothes.

Slumping her shoulders, Ariel finally moved to stand up and brushed off her clothes, which were also covered with dirt, and stayed out of the way of any of the others that might want to walk around with the cream.