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October 7th, 2013

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Clicking your heels won't work...((Open!! BTW!))

Abraham wasn't a fan of running from zombies. )

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Checking in (Errol)

Beauty never had called about getting trained in shooting a gun. Jo could only assume that the other woman had chosen other means for protecting herself. She hadn't heard anything from Ted about Beauty being in further danger, but after awhile she started to worry just a bit. She thought that it couldn't hurt to check in and see for herself that Beauty was alive and well.

She just needed to do it in such a way that didn't seem overly pushy. Stopping in at the bookstore and acting as though it was a coincidence seemed the best option for that. Jo found the shop easily enough and let herself in, the bells tingling as she did so. She didn't immediately spot Beauty behind the counter, so she started to browse the aisles in hopes that Beauty might turn up. And besides, she might just find something to take home. Jo liked reading when she got the downtime to do so and being in the City seemed to mean more downtime than back home, as much as she hated it. Of course, it also meant that when things got dicey, they got really dicey and there was nowhere to run, so there was that.