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June 24th, 2013

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So since I'm still here livin' (Open)

It had taken Maggie a long time to make her way to the City library. Mostly because, being a product of her time, she was distracted by the internet. It had taken time, but she'd set up her blog: Dandelion Mine, tweaked just the way she wanted it and filled again with her writing. She'd taken to hauling out her laptop and a dog or two out to write in various places around the City, still thrilled by the careless crush of humanity gathering together without fear.

So sue her. It wasn't fear that kept her from the library. She was curious about what Dr. Lecter had told her about finding herself fictionalized. The concept didn't frighten her--one of her Fictionals had written a fairly popular tongue-in-cheek RPF series that included Maggie as a character some time back--but given that the most interesting events of her life had been the past year and a half, which had also been the most traumatic... unless something really, really bad was coming up in the future, she could only imagine that the events of 2040 and 2041 would be covered, and she wasn't at all sure that she wanted to relive them.

Eventually the thought of finding out became like a wound that she couldn't stop picking at. The best thing that she could do, she reasoned, would be to find out what was said and get it over with.

She checked three books out of the library. A week later, she slipped them into the return slot, sat down on the steps, wrapped her arms around herself, and breathed out a shaky breath. She just needed a moment to collect herself, that was all.