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September 21st, 2011

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Utter Disaster (Narrative/Open)

While the storm had raged, Amelia had been stuck in her apartment. She'd even been forced to head to the basement at one point, after spotting a tornado on the horizon. While the scholar in her wanted to witness it all first hand, she'd had enough sense to lay low until it was over. Common sense, and no small amount of fear. While she seldom succumbed to such emotion, this storm was more than she had ever seen, and the destruction following its wake was enough to scare even her. She could not recall ever witnessing such a powerful storm.

Once things had calmed down enough to make travel a possibility, Amelia put on her jeans and a pair of rubber boots that she really couldn't remember buying. She grabbed a few flashlights, her emergency tool belt, and her parasol, then gingerly made her way through the devastation to the Library. She needed to know if everything was alright there. She considered her position and the exhibition area a gift from the City as much as appropriate compensation for dragging her here and forcing her to face the truth about herself. Present or appeasement, Amelia took her responsibility very seriously. Besides, she enjoyed her work.

Her heart sank when she saw how dark and deserted it looked. )

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To Serve and Protect...Or At Least Protect (Rufio)

The total lack of sunshine should have been a blessing for any vampire. Unfortunately for Nick, the raging storm had mostly kept him inside anyway. While the rain wasn't a bother, the high winds were a difficulty even for him. And there was no way he was taking any chances with a tornado. It couldn't harm him, very little could, but that didn't mean he wanted to experience the inside of one any time soon. So he waited it out in his new loft.

When at last things seemed to be calming down, Nick took to the sky. It was still clouded over enough that the sun was nothing to worry about, and night would be upon the City before the clouds were likely to clear. Just in case, Nick kept an eye on the clouds as he flew.

He wanted to see if there was anyone that needed help. From this vantage point, he could see and hear for great distances. The destruction was immense. Far fewer buildings seemed to have avoided the storm's wrath than succumbed, yet it didn't seem anyone was in serious danger or needed aid. Until he heard a boy's voice.

Let. Me. GO!

Turning, he flew in the direction of the shout. He forced himself to go faster, hoping he would be in time to stop whatever it was that was happening to the child. He arrived in time to see a boy, probably in his teens, sporting something of a punk rocker's hair and clothing, turn and run away from a man. Nick flew ahead of him, landing behind a tree and stepping out in time for the youth to run right into him.

"Whoa!" He reached out and gripped the boy's upper arms. "Are you alright?" Nick looked behind the kid to see if the man had followed, but could see no one.

"Don't you think you should be inside somewhere? It's kind of dangerous out here right now."

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Even out of the suit, (Narrative/open)

The storm hit just as Zoe was about to pull on her night job uniform. At first it seemed like any other bit of rain, but then...She cursed softly, stowing away the Batgear. The suit was useful and probably would keep her safe, yet she really did not want to get caught somewhere in it. Instead, she changed into something more durable than a pair of heels and some designer business suit. Actually, she was rather happy to find something like her old clothes before she came to the City. So, she went out to find her way home, or at least get some idiots off the street. She wasn't considering herself as one of those idiots, just a big damn hero type.

The Wayne building had pretty much emptied out for the evening, and Zoe's suggestion to the right people that they batten down the hatches, get ready for a hell of a storm, had been heard. So, when it was all over, they were ready to start repairs. Windows on various floors were blown out. Research was either destroyed or missing. Experiments were going to have to be repeated. Records had to be found, if they could be. The flooding had been stopped before it hit one of the key server rooms. She probably hadn't needed to say anything to the staff; unlike other people from the City, this lot seemed to have it together. She hoped.

The Amazon never made it home that night. Instead she found herself holed up once more in an empty church building; she wasn't sure if it had been Book's or the one she'd found refuge in during the zombie infestation. It didn't matter. It was a pretty damn good shelter during the storm, and it served as such for more than just the warrior woman. As soon as the storm died down, she crawled out from the small barricade she and the others had made. Zoe made sure they all got out and were on their ways to somewhere safe. She reminded them to be wary; crazy types tended to take advantage after destruction like this, or so her time during the war had suggested.

During the storm, she tried not to think about anything other than those people gathered in the church building with her. She'd make sure they made it. Now that it was over, she called work. Everything seemed okay. Checked on Alfred, again okay - he'd taken stock of her hideout in the Wayne Building, okay too. Nothing broken that couldn't be replaced. Dinah and Jake? Alfred would get back to her on that. All the while there was a nagging inside, and finally she gave in to wonder if she should call Jesse. Zoe never dialed the number. Instead, she got this feeling that he was just fine; she also sent a small curse at that feeling for gorram godlike powers, too. She was smiling at the good news.

So, with the others on their way, she decided to be on her own way, maybe help out any people she could find. She might not be wearing the suit, but that didn't stop her from trying to help and making things right.