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September 18th, 2011

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Race of Hearts (Open)

Jack might not have known what he was getting himself into when it came to elections. Nearly as soon as he'd signed his name up for the mayoral race, a campaign manager had descended upon him. He hadn't really known to look to hire one and yet one had found him anyway. He didn't know if it was the City's doing or honestly, he didn't quite know these things worked.

After all, there had never been an election or a vote of any kind in Wonderland. Rulers were born, not chosen. Or, in his case, they were overthrown and replaced by the next in line.

He'd spent the past few weeks reading up on politics and elections and everything else he could find on democracy. He certainly had a better idea now than he had when he'd first put his name in the ring for this. All the same, reading about something was nowhere near as educational as actually experiencing it.

Jack stood to the side of the stage, waiting for the signal from his campaign manager to approach the podium and start his speech. He'd told Fred about entering the mayoral race on their last date and he'd invited her to attend the rally. He scanned the crowd for some sign of her, hoping that she would be there. His campaign staff had already been instructed to escort her to the front if she did show up. But of course he didn't expect her to just throw him her support because they'd been on two dates. All the same, it would be nice to have her here.

Jack didn't pace. Giving speeches wasn't anything new to him, even if the reason for the speech tonight was. He'd certainly addressed his subjects often enough and he didn't see why this shoudl be all that different.