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September 15th, 2011

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When good things go bad (Eric)

The last few nights had been exhilarating. The crone couldn't remember the last time so much fun and mischief were to be had, and certainly couldn't remember having someone so interesting to share it with. It bothered the crone sometimes how much the Viking was becoming part of her world, or actually how much he was a part of it. There were no ridiculous school girl notions as the crone had no wish to change the Viking. Yet, when she, or he, had said that Eric's death would be a very bad thing, he, or she, had meant it.

The nights had been filled with extreme debauchery, as if there were any other kind, and the crone in the borrowed male form had enjoyed every moment of it with the Viking. They had taken a few to someone's bed. They had put the silly humans through so much turmoil, teasing them to the point of pleading. There was blood, lust, sex, and chaos. There might have been a little death in there, but Baba really didn't care. In the end, it had been a nice vacation and release for the crone.

The crone had gotten away during the day; while the crone was immortal, closer than even the Viking, he/she did need something more than what the small snacks Eric kept in his place. Perhaps the closest thing to domesticated either would ever be, save for Baba's cabin. So, the man had slipped out, careful that no one was watching, to eat some fruit and meat. A few large meals, none of which the crone paid for, and he was back before the sun was setting.

Perhaps to awaken the sleeping prince, or simply because the damn thing felt so good, the crone in the more manly shape he/she'd been wearing the last few days took to the shower. The sensations were so very different from one body to the next; a small curious notion had settled into the crone's mind - maybe she'd have to see how Eric felt it next, or someone else....