23 January 2020 @ 11:25 pm
Lubricus: The Reunion! Portland, Oregon, Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2020  

We Have Almost as Many Registration Options as Voldemort Has Horcruxes



Registration for Lubricus 2020 opens on February 1 and we have lots of options to choose from. Here is an overview of what’s available…

  • Get Your Rocks Off ($140): This is a Basic Registration. Includes admission to all Lubricus programming, the arts & crafts fair, the Blue Ball, and the Morning After Breakfast.

  • Lend a Helping Hand ($175): This is a Sponsorship Registration No pillow princexes here - you want to help others reach their bliss by contributing an extra $35 toward our scholarship fund, so we can provide reduced-cost registrations to those who need financial assistance. Your registration includes admission to all Lubricus programming, the arts & crafts fair, the Blue Ball, and the Morning After Breakfast.

  • BDE (Big Donor Energy ($250): This is an Investor Registration. Like the Malfoys, you’re willing and able to provide financial support for a great cause. By purchasing this level of registration, you're helping us keep costs down for the Basic Registration, so our con is as accessible as possible for slash lovers of all means! This registration includes admission to all Lubricus programming, the arts & crafts fair, the Blue Ball, and the Morning After Breakfast.

  • No Strings Attached ($25): This is a Non-Attending Registration. You won’t be attending Lubricus, but you still want to show some love! Like the Hogwarts ghosts, you’ll be with us in spirit.

  • One Night Stand ($25): This is a ticket for admission ONLY to the Blue Ball on October 31, 2020. Dust off your dress robes and get ready for the HOTTEST Halloween party in town. These tickets can be purchased alone at any time, or as an add-on when you purchase any of the registrations listed below. Bring your friends, enemies, rivals, crushes, partners, favorite Quidditch star, etc. There will be a cash bar at the Ball where you can purchase drink tickets.


And don’t forget to check out our registration page and FAQ for additional details.

09 January 2020 @ 09:56 am
Lubricus: The Reunion! Portland, Oregon, Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2020  

Professor Snape is not pleased, but the slashy gang who brought you Lubricus in 2011 and 2012 is back and better than ever! Lubricus 2020: The Reunion will be a slash-filled weekend chock full of squee, old friends and new, smut, arts/crafts, food, dancing, and so much more! Programming is entirely attendee-driven, so that means you get to decide what kind of content you want to have at the con. Here are the key details you need to know…

Dates: October 29, 2020 to November 1, 2020

Location: Crowne Plaza Portland

Costs: Base registration starts at $140 with increasing levels of sponsorship registration

What is this con all about?

The Con That Shall Not Be Named (aka Lubricus) is a fan-inspired and fan-run wizarding slash convention presented by By Fans 4 Fans. Although the first two iterations of Lubricus were limited to Harry Potter slash, Lubricus 2020 will be mutlifandom. Because attendees get to determine the Slashy programming, we can't say what will be featured yet, but expect to see Doctor Who, Marvel/Avengers, Sherlock, Star Trek, Star Wars, Supernatural, and many more. Remember, you get to decide!

ACCIO SLASH: www.bf4f.org/post/announcing-lubricus-2020-the-reunion

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21 September 2014 @ 10:45 pm
PSA: Duo/Pair collaborations - FIND YOUR PARTNER HERE  
Hello friends of Snarry, I hope this weekend finds you all well and happily entertaining bunnies for the mini Games for November 1st!

I've been asked by a few folks in the last week about the following:

a) Duo/pair collaborations are allowed


b) Maximum Two (2) entries allowed per participant (person or duo/collaborators)

COLLABORATIONS: In past games, we have allowed the sign up of pair collaborators, and are doing the same this Games. All this means is: we accept single entries from collaborative pairs, whether artist/writer, writer/writer, or artist/artist.

MAXIMUM ENTRIES: Two entries maximum per participant means: If you do a collaboration, as above, you can submit two entries together.

Or you can submit one entry as half a pair, and one entry as a sole participant.

You cannot submit more than two entries for the Snarry Mini Games, in total, regardless of chosen category(s).

Thank you!!

Snape/Harry Reunion by [info]chibitoaster!

I've been asked if we can provide a place where single participants can be matched up with others in a collaboration. Perhaps an artist who wants a writer for a comic or a writer who wishes a co-author.

To that end, we will be PINNING this post to the Livejournal Community Find Your Partner so that like-minded individuals can connect to one another.

Posting in your own journals and other communities (if allowed) is also encouraged, we are in this for the reunion, after all!
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