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Fic: That's A Wrap

Title: That's A Wrap
Author: Peja
Summary: MacGyver has a hobby
Fandom: MacGyver
Characters/Pairing (portrayed by): Angus MacGyver/Pete Thornton [Richard Dean Anderson/Dana Elcar]
Rating: FRT
Prompt: This week's WWOMB Archive Random Fandom Request is MacGyver. Prompt from Juliet316 - 1001 uses for duct tape.
Warnings: Nah...
Genre: slash
Series: no
Sand-box [open series]: Y
Permission to archive to WWOMB: Y
Notes: The WWOMB archive Recently began issuing weekly fandom requests (one of the new newsletters generated on site and available only through subscription on your account page) every Mon, due by the following Sun. Last week the requested fandom was MacGyver. (Yes, I'm a week behind. Anyone shocked...Nah! This week is Sky High, btw)
Acknowledgments: This story is gifted to Juliet316, who provided the prompt I requested.
Sorry its a week late. Last week was a nightmare of RL creation. Hope you like the end result.
Disclaimer. MacGyver does not belong to me. no money made in this
Author's websites:

MacGyver paused in the door, leaning his hip against the frame and just taking a bit of time to enjoy the view, before finally speaking. "Never saw a man so fixated on a bunch of duct tape."

Pete Thornton startled guiltily. He turned slowly, facing MacGyver with a sheepish grin. "Never knew there was so many versions...colors...I...It boggles the mind." Pete fingered the brilliant red, yellow and black roll of tape. "Why so many, Mac?"

"A man needs a hobby." MacGyver pushed away from the door-frame, sauntering towards the other man with a devious secret smile.

"Sooo....decoration, then?" Pete reached to replace the roll of tape to its place on the shelf.

"Well," MacGyver drawled, intercepting him and taking the tape from him. "I do have an ulterior motive for all this."


"Hmmmm," MacGyver leaned in, his breath whispering seduction against Pete's skin. "Research."

Swallowing heavily, Pete nodded. "That makes sense."

MacGyver's blue eyes smoldered under dark lashes. "Want to know what I'm researching...tonight?" He leaned in to claim Pete's lips, elicting a hungry whimper from the older man.

"How to book?" Pete dodged even as his arms curled up to draw MacGyver close.

MacGyver chuckled darkly. "Got it in one. Think I'll call it "1001 uses for duct tape". Care to help me...research the ....sensual possibilities?"

Desire super-novaed in Pete's brown gaze and he reached for the buttons of MacGyver's shirt. "I thought you'd never ask."


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