Jun. 26th, 2010


Fic: Magic Man

Title: Magic Man
Author: peja
Summary: A man from his past is back.
Fandom: a Dresden Files/Highlander crossover
Characters/Pairing (portrayed by): Methos/Harry Dresden [Peter Wingfield/Paul Blackthorne]
Rating: FRT
Prompt: Requested Story by Lopaka Tanu/Prompt from all_unwritten. - details in notes.
Genre: slash
Series: no
Series URL: n/a
Previous stories [title & URL]: n/a
Chapter number if WIP: n/a
Previous chapters or series at: n/a
Sand-box [open series]: Yes
Permission to archive to WWOMB: Yes
Acknowledgments/Notes: A "Requested Story" from Lopaka Tanu (IJ) who asks:
how about a Methos/Dresden from Dresden Files? Will that be possible?
Since the story request was only for a fandom and pairing, I am using Prompt #961 off the 'all_unwritten!' comm on LJ - "the last person I wanted to see"
Previous "Request a Fic" fandoms: 1. NCIS - Who Do I Have To F... 2. Andromeda - Angels 3
3. NCIS - Sometimes I'm wrong 4. Torchwood - Unnamed Series 1: Pheromones
5. Torchwood/League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen - New Kids In Town
6. Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard - The Heart Wants.
7. Andromeda - Angels 4/series end - Confrontation
Next "Requested Fic" Up - a new chapter from my original series, "The Bed Slave" (remember that one, anyone?)
Disclaimer. Dresden Files & Highlander do not belong to me. no money made in this

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May. 19th, 2008


FIC: Genus Immortalis, Henry Fitzroy/Adam Pierson, NC-17

My first post here at [info]multi_fiction and my first Henry Fitzroy. I hope you like it.

Title: Genus Immortalis
Author: elmyraemilie
Fandoms: Blood Ties/Highlander
Spoilers: none
Pairings: Henry/Adam Pierson (Methos)
Rating: NC-17; no warnings
Word count: 6300+
Disclaimer: Written out of love, lust and a sense of challenge; I will make no money from the writing and posting of this story
Summary: In the genus Immortalis, there are a number of species, among them Immortalis vampirus and Immortalis immortalis.
A/N: Thanks to my invaluable betas, [info]sara_merry99 and [info]elistaire who have saved you from inconsistency, inaccuracy and a terrible death by commas. Dedicated with a grin to the "Crossovers" panel at Tribal Forces this past month, where it first occurred to me that Methos and Henry were practically neighbors. It was intended to be fluffy, but...yeah, angsty. Even Adam thinks so.

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