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July 5th, 2016

Poll: Where does Lupin_Snape go from here?

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I posted a poll to LiveJournal with questions about your thoughts on the community. You can access it here:

If you have any problems responding, comments are screened as well and anonymous comments should be welcome. Please let me know if not. Thanks!

love, lore

February 25th, 2009

Resource poll

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I've grown curious about how much some of the ship resources are actually used, and so I thought I'd run a poll.

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December 12th, 2008

Mod post: New and old Polls, rules addition, thematic list, etc.

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*Pokes Members* Ok, in my mind, I imagine a sea of you at your computers, passed out on keyboards, toppled over on backs in office chairs, or holding your distended tummies, completely glutted on fic right now.

So, in case any of you want to metaphorically get up and stretch or move around for a while, I have some reminders and a few new things for you to chew over.

1. I have changed both the LJ and IJ profile to reflect an additional community rule (and that only makes us up to #6), as well as to clean up some links and notices. Is everyone seeing the Lupin_Snape Fanart Mood Theme on IJ now? I hope so!

2. The Poll asking for your number of Snupin creations and how long you've been shipping the pairing is still open and will be through Monday (December 15). On Tuesday, I'll come back with info on what I was on about. *evilgrin*

In the meantime, be sure to check out the text entry answers. There's some wildly creative single-line drabbles there! Also, if you're still friends with people who used to hang about here and don't anymore, consider pointing them toward the poll or making a post in your journal about it.

3. Desktop Calendar Artists: Deadline is Monday, December 15. If you need a reminder on how to format and submit your art, look here. Also, check out the [info]snupin community. Some of your fellow artists could use your opinion.

4. Don't forget, the Thematic List search for this month is Threesomes: Remus/Severus/Sirius. You have until the end of the month to add to the list. Remember, this isn't a rec list, but a comprehensive gathering of fic links around a theme. Don't let your faves be left off the list!

Also, if you'd like to take on an easy community task, considering volunteering to post every other week (or every week) with a reminder about the Thematic list of the month. Contact me through the community email account if you're interested.

5. McKay is still gathering [info]snupin_santa recs on IJ and LJ. Be sure to let her know if you posted any for current Snupin_Santa stories.

6. Speaking of recs, it's open flying month at LJ's Crack Broom, which is an HP recommendation community. Usually, there is one person each month who recommends Snupin stories and art on the community, but twice a year, they throw the doors open and let anyone make one rec.

If you've ever wanted to recommend something there, but didn't want to take on a whole month, or if you just have one great story that you think not enough people have read, now's your chance to let people know about it. You do have to make sure your rec isn't already on the list (thank you [info]bronze_ribbons), and I suggest you not recommend any fic or art that is currently anonymous (i.e. Snupin_Santa!).

7. It's not too late to add a Snupin Holiday Icon to your userpics. Check this post out for links and permissions!

8. Twitters - Get [info]snupin_santa and other Snape/Lupin updates at McKay's account.

9. School wrapping up, forced to take the rest of the month off to use up vacation, bored or restless? Consider taking on one of the many community volunteer opportunities still left on the list.

10. Finally, another poll. This time, you're helping us wrap our heads around the upcoming Novel-Length Fest, currently known in the HD ship as a Big Bang. If you don't know what a Big Bang is, hold your questions for now. But if you are familiar with the concept, asking the right questions can show us issues we need to address.

Poll #2854 Name That Big Bang
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Help us name the Snupin version of a Big Bang by adding your suggestions here!

Do you have any thoughts, issues or questions about a Snupin Big Bang? Put them here for the mods to ponder.

We also need to solidify our volunteers for this project. A couple of you had committed to web site work and moderating a long while ago. Are you still in? *shifty eyes*

Ok, so, now a quiz. If you actually read to the end of this mod post, reply with Ungawa. If I get more than 50 unique Ungawas, I'll finish something on my hard drive and post it on January 1.

love, lore

March 28th, 2008

Family Fest: A Poll for Participants

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The Family Fest is open now until April 30. All kinds of creative and meta pursuits are welcome (and we've already seen some, huzzah), and there are no minimums or maximums on the length or size of an entry.

In the spirit of Family Fest, one of our memebers, [info]jiapa, has decided to make her participation in the fest a donation challenge. I'll let her speak for herself here:

"I'm not a writer. I'm a reader, and a rather voracious one. I especially like Snupin Family stories, so I'm delighted to see this fest, and anticipate lots of fun reading, where I benefit from the fruits of all the writers' (and artists') labors.

I want to contribute in some way."

What she has decided is to donate $5 for every contribution to Family Fest, up to $200. What Jiapa would like is help from potential contributors in deciding where to send her final donation. After her initial thoughts on where to send donations, I made a few suggestions. Again, I will use her words:

"I've been thinking about what you said about international charities. All of the four I originally listed are through, which is an American charity (at least for now). It has a very cool premise, which is that school teachers post what they want, the charity authenticates that they come from an impoverished school and figures out how much it will cost to get the teacher what they want. Donors choose a particular teacher's request from their website, and when enough donors have chosen a particular project, the charity buys the stuff the teacher wants and gives it to the teacher. Then the teacher is expected to write a thank you note and, if possible, get their students to also write thank you notes, and these notes are sent to the donors.

I picked four projects that supported literacy, since that's something that's important to me. OTOH, health is also very important to me, and I don't feel strongly between any of these charities, so it'd be great if the Lupin_Snape community choose."

Now we come to the reason I am making this post, instead of Jiapa - I have poll-making abilities! Hee! Please note at this time, this is not a mod post, just me helping to facilitate an incredibly generous, inspiring offer. If you'd like to read our entire exchange for more information, it's here.

What follows under the cut is a poll with choices on which charities Jiapa is considering donating to, and a question of who the donation should be contributed to. If you're considering submitting to the Family Fest this month and would like to help Jiapa choose, please click the cut and fill out the poll. Only mods and Jiapa will see your answers. I left the "other" for "which charity" to replies so that if one proves to provoke discussion and seems popular, Jiapa can consider it.

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