Sep. 10th, 2007


Feather-Light, Final Fantasy XII (Gabranth/Drace)

Title: Feather-Light
Author: Lassarina Aoibhell (ficjournal: [info]angharad)
Rating: G
Warnings: Fluff and angst in the same piece. What? >_>; Spoilers, plus the irony hammer.
Word Count: 1550
Summary: "He kept the shed feather from her chocobo longer than he would have admitted to anyone."
Author's Note: I really hope this works for you! It fought me tooth and nail. :)

Feather-Light )


Harry Potter (Harry/Ron/Hermione)

Title: Supposed To Be
Author: themadmermaid
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Um, there's sex. Threesome sex even.
Word count: around 2500
Summary: Ron and Hermione's happily ever after isn't working out.
Prompt: Harry/Ron/Hermione: 2 on 1 seduction - "You gave me something that I didn't have."
A/N: I tried to make it 2 on 1, but Hermione's kind of bossy. Also, I'm not sure if my claim comment ever got anywhere official. Thanks to the Spanish Uncle for beta-reading.


Transformers Movie ('Bee/Mikaela)

Title: My Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa
Author: [info]raisedbymoogles
Rating: Call it a soft NC17.
Word count: 556
Prompt: Transformers (movieverse), Mikaela/Bumblebee: repairs - "Hold still."
Notes: The songs used in this fic are as follows: "Smooth," Carlos Santana; "Rock Me," Great White; "Shameless," Garth Brooks; "Only The Good Die Young," Billy Joel; "You Shook Me All Night Long," AC/DC

Man, it's a hot one... )


FF7, Seph/Zack/Cloud

Title: Nakedness, Itself, Is a Mask
Author: [info]raisedbymoogles
Rating: General R. Bad language and implied sex.
Warnings: Silliness and a healthy dollop of "and then canon got fucked".
Word count: 1568
Prompt: Cat outfit - ears, tail and collar with little bell - He has cat eyes, he moves like a cat - do you think he purrs too?

He's going to kill you. )


Pure Ideas, Final Fantasy Seven (Zack/Cloud/Seph)

Title: Pure Ideas
Author: [info]skeren
Rating: R at worst, nudity!
Warnings: Seph isn't quite sane, though none really.
Word count: 3351
Prompt: Cat outfit - ears, tail and collar with little bell - He has cat eyes, he moves like a cat - do you think he purrs too?
Note: It didn't really come out smutty nor cracky, then again, the story it woke was lurking for well over a year, so hopefully you enjoy it!

First, however, they had to knock him out. )


Sesame Street (Bert/Ernie)

Title: Squeak Toy
Author: Ladyofshadow
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: sex, brief use of a rubber toy
Word count: 426
Prompt: Sesame Street, Bert/Ernie: Bath play - "Rubber Ducky, you're the one."
A/N: …I can’t believe I wrote Sesame Street slash…

Squeak Toy )

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