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Dec. 30th, 2008


Absence Makes..., Xenosaga (Albedo/Rubedo)

Title: Absence Makes...
Author: [info]plaidmutineer
Rating: R
Warnings: Perversion, in ways only Albedo can perv! (Metaphorical guro, shota, dubious consent, purple prose)
Prompt: Nov 10, Xenosaga, Albedo/Rubedo, shota, dubcon -- "It was a gentle mindfuck."
Word Count: 2,147
Summary: A soppy old phrase, taken to a rather literal conclusion.
A/N: On account of multiple interferences, this is either very late, or very, very early. Either way, I think I get a booby prize. All apologies and gratitude for clemency.

It had begun quite simply... )

Dec. 13th, 2008


Kinkfest Roundup for Nov. 22 ++

I am epic fail for coming into this super late and failing at life in general, but here's the last roundup for this Kinkfest!

Everyone is super shiny! )

Do let me know if I've missed anything!

Dec. 8th, 2008


An acute pain in the pants, Fruits Basket (Shigure/Ayame)

Title: An acute pain in the pants
Author: [info]shimyaku
Rating: R
Warnings: a certain naughty serpent. And a peeking doctor.
Prompt: Fruits Basket - Shigure/Ayame - voyeurism - trouser snake
Word count: 1148
Summary: Hatori had never imagined what his friends got up to behind closed doors...
A/N: The last of my terribly, inexcusably late entries. And might I say, this is quite possibly the best prompt ever. 8D

Come here and let me ravish you! )


New skin, Final Fantasy VII (Cloud/Sephiroth)

Title: New skin
Author: [info]shimyaku
Rating: PG13
Warnings: not much. Overly watery dialogue perhaps?
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, post AC - CloudXSephiroth (Cloud on top) - feminization - Sephiroth's new body was as weak as his will had always been
Word count: 622
Summary: Sephiroth has come back to Cloud, slightly different than before.
A/N: Again, I apologise for lateness. And I wasn't sure how far it was intended that I take 'feminization', but in this case it's all over, so to speak. *wry smile*

I am still me )


Bodily matters, Bleach (Shinji/Urahara)

Title: Bodily matters
Author/Artist: [info]shimyaku
Rating: R-ish
Warnings: gratuitous threats
Prompt: Bleach - Shinji/Urahara - experimentation - learn to use what you’ve been given
Word count: 693
Summary: Shinji has a bone to pick with a certain blonde shopkeeper.
A/N: Late late late late late... orz. I'm very sorry these are so delayed.

I'd hate to think I'd given you a dud )

Nov. 30th, 2008


Tender Mercy, BSG, Baltar/Six

title: Tender Mercy
author: [info]windsorblue
fandom: Battlestar Galactica
pairing: Baltar/Six
rating: R to NC-17
prompt: breathplay - rush of blood to the head
**this is very late, with apologies.**

Gaius, look at me. )

Nov. 29th, 2008


Kumo, Final Fantasy 7 (Cloud/Sephiroth)

Title: Kumo
Author: [info]raisedbymoogles
Rating: R
Warnings: Blood, slavery themes
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII - CloudxSephiroth - scarification - Sephiroth was deeply grateful for the effort Cloud went to mark his ownership on Sephiroth's skin
Word count: 463
Summary: ...Neither of these boys are Quite Right.

It wasn't a secret... )

Nov. 28th, 2008


Et regarder, mourir les hommes

Title: Et regarder, mourir les hommes
Author/Artist: [info]allira_dream
Rating: PG for philosophy and religion.
Warnings: Spoilers for DDS2.
Prompt: Crossover: Death Note / Digital Devil Saga 2 - Angel/Light - debate - what sort of god this world of abominations needs
Word count: 1200.
Summary: Angel would laugh – here they are proving that God exists, and yet there are people who don't believe.

Et regarder, mourir les hommes  )


Tell Me Tonight, Suikoden III (Hugo/Lilly)

Title: Tell Me Tonight
Author/Artist: [info]catdevigri
Rating: PG
Prompt: Hugo/Lilly - masquerade ball - "You are dense. Why do you think I invited you to begin with?"
Word count: 1,890
Summary: Hugo attends an Independence Day ball in Tinto at the invitation of Lilly Pendragon.
This was his first time in Tinto. )

Nov. 27th, 2008


Stormshelter, Kingdom Hearts II (Sephiroth/Riku)

Title: Stormshelter
Author: [info]raisedbymoogles
Rating: R
Warnings: Barely-underage sexytiems
Prompt: Kingdom Hearts - Sephiroth/Riku - Tentacles - "I'd like to be/Under the sea/In an octopus's garden, in the shade..."
Word count: 812
Summary: Even in the ocean, it's possible to carve out a safe space.

There was a reason he'd refused to go to Atlantica... )


There's An Atmosphere, Discworld (Agnes/Vlad)

Title: tiptoe through
Author: [info]shiegra
Fandom: Carpe Jugulum (Discworld - Pratchett)
Rating: teen
Characters: Agnes Nitt, Perdita, Vlad
Pairing(s): Agnes/Vlad
Contains: vampire creepiness, sexual implications
Prompt(s): Discworld - Agnes/Vlad - seduction - "I do know what you're doing, don't think I haven't noticed!"
Notes: I couldn't find my Carpe Jugulum book, so this may be a bit off. No meaningful consent whatsoever.
Summary: "It's not working," Agnes said crossly.

Read more... )

Nov. 26th, 2008


You Were An Angel (FF7, Cloud/Sephiroth)

Title: You Were An Angel
Author: [info]raisedbymoogles
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: UST
Prompt: Kingdom Hearts - Sephiroth/Cloud - wingkink - It was a lot more difficult to care for three feathered wings than a single leathery wing.
Word count: 1020
Summary: On the outside, it's just some bandaged wounds and a backrub, but things are never that simple with these two.

Cloud's wing beat a stuttering staccato... )


Paramour, Persona 3 (Mitsuru)

Title: Paramour
Author: [info]raisedbymoogles
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Masturbation.
Prompt: Persona 3 - Mitsuru - motorcyles - mine is special
Word count: 378
Summary: Mitsuru spends a little quality time with the one thing in this world she truly trusts.
Author's Notes: Five days before the end of Kinkfest and I finally get around to writing some actual porn. XD

Mitsuru hadn't meant to snap at the kid... )


Dressed to Kill, Weiss Kreuz (Omi/Nagi)

Title: Dressed to Kill

Author: FayrieFox

Rating: T

Warnings: crossdressing

Prompt: Nov 24th - Weiss Kreuz - Nagi/Omi - feminisation - It was embarrassing and a little uncomfortable, but if it made him happy...

Summary: Nagi is interested in Omi’s latest undercover disguise.

A/N: Sorry this is late.



Old Friends, FVII: CC (Zack/Angeal)

Title: Old Friends

Author: FayrieFox

Rating: G

Warnings: Some swearing

Prompt: Nov 24th - Final Fantasy VII - Angeal/Zack - reunion - Just had to be a hero, hmm?

Summary: There’s somebody in the church that they weren’t expecting.

A/N: Sorry this is so late.



Somebody to Love, Bleach (Zaraki/Byakuya)

Title: Somebody to Love

Author: FayrieFox

Rating: T+

Warnings: Kissy face, implied lemon

Prompt: Nov 24th - Bleach - Zaraki/Byakuya - Power play - Byakuya would never admit he enjoyed the way Zaraki towered over him.

Summary: Byakuya doesn’t care again. He wants what he wants, and he wants it now.

A/N: Again, sorry for the late. I WILL have everything else up in the morning. Just now I need sleep.



Schematics, Kyo Kara Maoh (Conrad/Wolfram/Yuuri)

Title: Schematics

Author: FayrieFox

Rating: T

Prompt: Nov 23rd - Kyou Kara Maou - Conrad/Wolfram/Yuuri - two on one - hard to be jealous in the middle.

Summary: Wolfram considers things.

A/N: Very late, I’m sorry. I’m also very sorry if it doesn’t make sense. It did when I wrote it.


Nov. 25th, 2008


Vines, YuYuHakusho (Youko/Kuronue)

Title: Vines

Author: FayrieFox

Rating: M

Warnings: Lemon

Prompt: Nov 23rd - Yu Yu Hakusho - Youko Kuramaxanyone - plant bondage - I like seeing you spread out for me like this

Summary: Kuronue loses a bet to Youko and must pay the price. Not that either one minds terribly.

A/N: Very sorry this is so late. I got the lemon back. Or whatever of it I’d had to begin with.



Maybe Crossplay, xxxHolic (Dou/Wata/Hima)

Title: Maybe Crossplay

Author: FayrieFox

Rating: T+

Warnings: Implied sex, Yuuko

Prompt: Nov 22nd - xxxHOLiC - Doumeki/Himawari/Watanuki - dress-up - Stop complaining.

Summary: Himawari finds some things in the storeroom.

A/N: Sorry this is (so very) late. This was supposed to be “The three go off to a festival and Doumeki is upset he must wear a Western-style suit.” Not so much. *sob*I’m making my own reality where Yuuko gave Wataniki and the others the store while she went away for a very long time; let’s say she went with Cecille from KKM on a Free Love Journey. Now the three are immortal or whatever Yuuko is. Or maybe it’s all in Watanuki’s dreams. Mentions of RG Veda and Wish characters.



Truths and Falsities, D.N.Angel (Dark/Daisuke)

Title: Truths and Falsities

Author: FayrieFox

Rating: T+

Warnings: implied masturbation

Prompt: Nov 22nd - DN Angel - Dark/Daisuke - Masturbation - Was this or wasn’t it?

Summary: Dark sees something in a painting.

A/N: I seem to have lost the lemon writing ability for the moment, and for that I apologize.


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