Jul. 9th, 2008


Lucky, Baccano! (Luck)

Title: Lucky
Author: RegicidalDwarf
Rating: PG
Warnings: Rampant speculation
Word count: ~750
Prompt: July 5th: Baccano! - Luck - solo - "sharp dressed man"
Apologies for lateness, and the awful title.

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Jul. 8th, 2008


the dreams we share, Baccano! (Ennis/Firo)

Title: the dreams we share
Rating: PG13/R
Pairing: Firo/Ennis
Word count: 1045
A/N: Ghastly late, I know! No excuses.
Prompt: Baccano! - Firo/anyone - acting on instinct - two hundred years' worth of other people's memories

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Jul. 6th, 2008


"Not as planned," Kyou Kara Maoh!, Gwendal/Yozak

Title: Not as planned
Author: [info]lady_ganesh
Rating: G
Summary/Prompt: Accidental marriage-- these mazoku are crazy

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Resistance, The Bijou (Sebastian/Pearl)

Title: Resistance
Author: White Aster
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Fetishized (or not) sex slavery.
Word count: 2296
Summary: Sebastian tries out the newest jewel, and Askil finds that pleasure is harder to resist than cruelty.
Author's Notes: It's...It's still the 5th somewhere, I'm pretty sure! :sways: Also, I am dead tired now, so someone point at me and laugh if something doesn't make sense? Bijoudom is not mine, it is all [info]laylah's. I just take the boys out for a spin now and again.

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Stalemate, Fullmetal Alchemist (Archer/Kimbley)

Title: Stalemate
Author/Artist: [info]purkledragon
Rating: R
Warnings: oral, Archer & Kimbley
Word count: 235
Summary: Somethings you just don't risk, no matter how good it feels.
A/N: July 5: Fullmetal Alchemist - Archer/Kimbley – weapon kink - your life in my hands

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Jul. 5th, 2008


She Needs a Wristwatch, Baccano! (Eve Genoard)

Title:She Needs a Wristwatch
Author/Artist: [info]shiegra
Rating: PG13
Word count: 1028
A/N: Honestly, this turned into a mishmash of fairytale scraps and introspection and a tea party scene, the only part that I really pulled from Alice in Wonderland, coming out more like something out of Jan Svankmajer's Alice.
Prompt: Baccano! - Eve Genoard - dreaming/character study - falling down the rabbit hole

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Mist, Persona 3 (Akihiko/Mitsuru)

Title: Mist
Author/Artist: [info]shiegra
Rating: R
Word count: 200
Prompt: Persona 3 - Akihiko/Mitsuru - rain - the languor of humidity

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Silk, D.Grayman (Eliade/Crowley)

Title: Silk
Author/Artist: [info]shiegra
Rating: R
Word count: 273
Prompt: D.Gray-Man - Eliade/Crowley - bondage - as you wish

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Beginning Again, Baccano! (Ennis)

Title: Beginning Again
Author/Artist: [info]shiegra
Rating: PG13/R
Word count: 566
Prompt: Baccano! - Ennis - courage - "I might go on; naught else remained to do"

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"Tough Guy", Blade of the Immortal, Manji/Magatsu

Title: "Tough Guy."
Artist: Zombie_Fetus.
Fandom: Blade of the Immortal
Pairing: Manji/Magatsu.
Rating: PG-13.
Warning: Mild violence.
Summary/Prompt: 7/5 - Blade of the Immortal - Manji/Magatsu - weaponkink - fair and foul play.

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See You Through, Final Fantasy X, Auron/Braska

Title: See You Through
Prompt: "massage - He met his summoner in the Bevelle Temple baths"
Author: [info]eider
Rating: PG.
Warnings: Made-up name for Braska's late wife.
Word count: ~1,760 words.
Summary: Braska makes his best decisions in the bath.

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Sometimes Wanted Memories, Baccano! (Firo/Maiza)

Title: Sometimes Wanted Memories
Author/Artist: [info]gardensgnome
Rating: PG
Warnings: tiny bit of angst, hinted incest
Word count: 540
Summary: Firo and the weight of memories
A/N: Another that's not come out quite as expected. Pre-slash Maiza/Firo and my first Baccano! fic
Prompt: Baccano! - Firo/anyone - acting on instinct - two hundred years' worth of other people's memories

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Third Blood, Blade of the Immortal (Manji and Magatsu)

Title: Third Blood
Author: Mithrigil
Rating: Light R
Warnings: The thing is a fight scene.
Word count: 1400
Summary: Can you still fight like your soul's on the line?
A/N: New fandom, beloved characters, proud of this and that.

Prompt: 7/5 - Blade of the Immortal - Manji/Magatsu - weaponkink - fair and foul play

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(untitled) Lord of the Ring , Frodo/Sam/Rosie

Author: [info]jlsigman
Rating: G
Word count: 164
Prompt: July 5 - Lord of the Rings - Frodo/Sam/Rosie - Home - The smell of home is sweet

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Speechless, [FFXII, Vossler/Balthier]

Fandom: FFXII
Title: Speechless
Author: [info]logistika_nyx 
Character/Pairings: Vossler/Balthier
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Wordcount: 2500
Claim: Vossler/Balthier, transvestitism, July 5

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