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Nov. 26th, 2008


the language of swords [ffxii, basch/vossler]

Title: The Language of Swords
Author: [info]logistika_nyx 
Pairings/Characters: Basch/Vossler
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Word Count: 7889
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII - Basch/Vossler - slow or prolonged sex - "We both matter, don't we?



Nov. 24th, 2008


when kingdom come [ffxii, balthier/ashe]

Dedicated to [info]sarasa_cat for many conversations and ideas about Vossler and Ashe.  Written this way entirely unexpectedly. 

When Kingdom Come
Author: [info]logistika_nyx
Pairings/Characters: Balthier/Ashe, Rasler, Vossler, Penelo, Basch
Rating/Warnings: M, character death, subtle genocide
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII - Balthier/Ashe - AU; Vossler wins, Fran dies, and Balthier takes Ashe under his wing.
Other: I feel like this needs some explanation, but I don't know where to start.  Written from Rasler's point-of-view, posthumously.  Comments so very much loved.


A flock of birds spiral suddenly high over the steppe, whirling and singing, and surround you. They are caught in a mating frenzy, blinded by the life that has their blood rise. You do not see them. The pirate does, and blinks, but only eases the ship's angle. You flinch when that mass of avian lust disrupts the ship; you gasp, and cry out. The ship shakes. The pirate reaches to steady you with his touch. The birds are calling, cries suddenly stifled by the engines and the whine of compensatory strain. The collision of small bodies against the hull is clear; thumps and scrabbling, an attempt by each bird once a part of a whole suddenly severed, fighting for life. A blizzard of feathers and gore cascades where you can't see it. You imagine, though, with your face turning white, the feathered bodies sucked into the engines and dismembered, shattered and sliced. You have been to war. You imagine well. )


Nov. 22nd, 2008


if the cigarettes don't kill you, basch will [ffxii, vossler/balthier]

Early! Makes up for all the lates? ^^

Title: If the Cigarettes Don't Kill You, Basch Will
Artist: logistika_nyx
Characters/Pairings: Vossler/Balthier
Rating/Warnings: PG, shirtlessness, Vossler's bed hair, dumbfoundedness
Prompt: Nov 23, Vossler/Balthier - smoking fetish - "Finest tobacco this side of the Nebra."



Nov. 18th, 2008


Woman of the Wood, Final Fantasy XII (Balthier/Fran)

Title: Woman of the Wood
Author/Artist: [info]catdevigri
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nudity, implied sex
Prompt: Fran/Balthier - age difference - "still so young to travel so far, old enough to know who you are"
Word count: 772 words
Summary: Fran thinks about her new partner/lover.
The past and the present met in her thoughts )

Nov. 16th, 2008


skin and sand [ffxii, basch/vossler]

Fandom: FFXII
Title: Skin and Sand
Characters/Pairings: Vossler/Basch, Fran, Balthier
Rating/Warnings: M, offscreen violence/rape
Word Count: 2930
A/N: Heh, the plot in this one wandered off to happier times, methinks.
Other: For kinkfest prompt, Nov 16 - partner rape - 'Betrayal is in the eye of the beholder.'


'Is this a result of your own perversity,' Balthier asks, 'or his?' )


Nov. 13th, 2008


quest [ffxii, montblanc/krjn]

So very late! (I'm also pretending the prompt meant verbal and/or metaphysical sparring mostly to avoid any inevitable Yoda/Count Dooku mental imagery. ::scrubs brain:: @_@)

Title: Quest
Author: [info]logistika_nyx
Characters/Pairings: Montblanc/Krjn, the Moogle Six (offscreen)
Rating: M
Prompt: Nov 9 - Final Fantasy XII - sparring - 'Size never matters, my dear.'
Word count: 7000
Summary: The tentative birth of Clan Centurio.


The Viera starts stalking him visibly after he breaks through Golmore's fringe of leaves. )


Nov. 11th, 2008


In the Moonlight [FFXII]

Title: In the Moonlight
Fandom: FFXII
Pairing: Balthier/Fran
Wordcount: 100 (drabble!)
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII - Fran/Balthier - skin - Under the moonlight, it almost seems unreal.

There is something about the moonlight... )

Nov. 12th, 2008


once traveled [ffxii, basch/vossler]

Title: Once Traveled
Author: [info]logistika_nyx 
Characters/Pairings: Basch/Vossler
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII - felching/post-orgasmic rimming - "You want me to do whatever I want?"
Word count: 930
Other: Belated post snagged from Nov 9. Hope you enjoy!

Vossler has age, superiority, right-of-birth. He wonders if Basch even knows he could have refused -- but that would have required being asked, and they do not talk of this.  )


Nov. 10th, 2008


Painting [FFXII]

Title: Painting
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Characters: Basch, Vossler
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 189
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII - Vossler/Basch - body paint - “ I never knew you were an artist”
Note: For me to look at the prompt and come up with this... I swear something in my mind is just wired wrong.

Vossler's fingers left trails... )

Nov. 7th, 2008


Making the Best of Hard Work and Accidents , Final Fantasy XII (Penelo/Basch)

Title: Making the Best of Hard Work and Accidents
Author/Artist: [info]catdevigri
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII- Penelo/Basch- fancy dress date- "You ripped my new dress!"
Word count: 1,979
Summary: Penelo wears a very special dress to a dinner at the palace with Ashe, Larsa, and Basch.
A/N: Argh! This was for the 6th, but I just couldn't get it finished until today!
On a double date with royalty )

Nov. 4th, 2008


consider what becomes of the ashes [ffxii, noah/ffamran, NC-17]

(Sorry for the outside journal linkage...again.)

Title: Consider What Becomes of the Ashes
Characters/Pairings: Noah/Ffamran, Cidolphus
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Word Count: Part 1 - 6800/Part 2 - 7500/Part 3 - 4700, 19000 total
Summary: In which Ffamran tries to be a dutiful son, Noah never becomes Judge Magister, and true love is found at the root of a twelve-inch cock.
Other: for kinkfest prompt 'Nov 4 - off to the big city with the (desperate) hope of becoming a kept man - '…I ain't a f'real cowboy, but I am one helluva stud…'

. one . two . three .

Jul. 30th, 2008


Flight Of Logic, Final Fantasy XII (Balthier/Ashe)

Title: Flight Of Logic
Author: cetus_nightmare
Rating: T
Warnings: stylistic, incomprehensible
Summary: Everything makes sense, logically...
A/N: Very late, I know. I was aiming for a sketch, but it didn't really work out the way I wanted it to, so in the end (i.e. just now) I quickly went for fic. You can kind of see where the sketch is - it's written in.
There's so many different perspectives, and it's confusing, and I know, and I'm really sorry...
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII - Balthier/Ashe - lack of reconciliation - two ships passing for a moment in the darkness, July 24

Everything makes sense... )

Jul. 28th, 2008


another's shadow [ffxii, larsa, basch]

Fandom: FFXII
Title: Another’s Shadow
Author: logistika_nyx
Rating: PG (::wince:: sorry~)
Other: for prompt, ‘Larsa/Basch, barehanded, throwing down the gauntlet.’

Jul. 21st, 2008


Fighting Words - FFXII (Vayne/Drace)

Title: Fighting Words
Author: [info]cleflink
Rating: G
Word count: 1875
Prompt: sparring and a bet - ""And if I should win?" "What would you have of me, milord." "A kiss. Nothing more."
A/N: Aaand, I'm late again. *sigh* The edit on this took far longer than it should have. Apologies!

Summary: Pre game. Swordplay as foreplay for politics - because what else would you expect in Arcadia?

You seem far more successful at convincing my tutors to release me early than Gabranth ever manages to be. )

Jul. 18th, 2008


untitled, FFXII (Vayne/Larsa)

Title: untitled
Author/Artist: [info]shahrizai
Rating: PG13
Word count: 564
Warnings: incest, shota
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII - Vayne/Larsa - UST - sitting for their portrait

read )

Jul. 17th, 2008


uneasy alliance, Final Fantasy XII (Ashe/Vossler)

Title: uneasy alliance
Author: cetus_nightmare
Rating: worksafe. Ish.
Warnings: Half naked Vossler.
Word count: 1,315
Prompt: July 17, Final Fantasy XII - Ashe/Vossler (order important) - knives or other bladed weapons - "survivor's guilt makes for uneasy alliances" - 17/7, fic

If only Rasler had... )

Jul. 16th, 2008


Isosceles [FFXII, Ashe/Basch/Vossler]

Fandom: FFXII
Title: Isosceles
Author: logistika_nyx
Characters/Pairings: Ashe/Basch/Vossler, Basch/Ashe/Vossler
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 3000
Other: for kinkfest prompt ‘double penetration - sweat-slick and needy.’

Jul. 14th, 2008


In His Father's House, Final Fantasy XII (Balthier/Fran)

Title: In His Father's House
Artist: [info]threewalls
Rating: R/NWS
Word count: 6273 (!)
Summary: While waiting for the Strahl to be fixed in Dalmasca, Balthier and Fran lie low in Archades. The city is not good for them.

Prompt: Final Fantasy XII - Fran/Balthier - roleplay – she lets him be who he was

A/N: Beta'ed and enabled by [info]lynndyre.

In His Father's House )

Jul. 13th, 2008


just out of reach - final fantasy xii, (balthier/ashe), art

Title: just out of reach
Author/Artist: cetus_nightmare
Rating: Worksafe
A/N: Late again. ...I'm okay with how it turned out, but not quite satisfied.

Prompt: 12/7 - Final Fantasy XII - Ashe/Balthier - Forbidden fruit, tastes of freedom, some kind of food fetish - "This is something you can only taste once / Let's remember one more time"

Reach for it... )

Jul. 12th, 2008


Rubies, Final Fantasy XII (Balthier/Ashe)

Title: Rubies
Author/Artist: Lassarina Aoibhell (ficjournal: [info]angharad)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers through Pharos. Wickedly uncreative names for plants in Ivalice.
Word Count: 2043
Summary: It is no mere trinket he brings her, but something ofgreat rarity.
A/N: Beta-reading by [info]seventhe and [info]celeloriel
Prompt: July 12 - Final Fantasy XII - Ashe/Balthier - Forbidden fruit, tastes of freedom, some kind of food fetish - "This is something you can only taste once / Let's remember one more time"

Rubies )

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