Oct. 1st, 2007


Final Fantasy Seven (Seph/Cloud)

Title: Remembered
Author: [info]skeren
Rating: G
Warnings: Tis a post death fic.
Word count: 559
Prompt: Absence makes the heart grow fonder - "I never realized how much I missed you."

He was stubborn )


Final Fantasy Seven (Zack/Yuffie)

Title: Long Road Around
Author: [info]skeren
Rating: PG, cussingish
Warnings: None, unless you have something against fix-it styled fics.
Word count: 3620
Prompt: Seduction - She hadn't realized that -her- Zack was his Zack. Though she did once the man had come back from the grave.
Note: I'm so sorry this was late, I thought it was due a few days after it actually was, but I got it done! Also, this is set post DoC. I also know loster is not a word. Yuffie disagreed.

Zack was a common name )

Sep. 27th, 2007


Fushigi Yugi (Nuriko/Hotohori)

Title: On Light Feet
Author: [info]skeren
Rating: G
Warnings: Lots of thoughts
Word count: 623
Prompt: behind closed doors – “I just couldn’t help myself.”

Sometimes, it's just needed. )

Sep. 22nd, 2007


Kids as Kids, Final Fantasy Nine (Vivi/Eiko)

Title: Kids as Kids
Author: [info]skeren
Rating: Fully worksafe
Warnings: Pervy Cute?
Word count: 292
Prompt: coloring on each other - "You drew what? Where!?"

Should have knocked )


Retrieval, Final Fantasy Seven (Seph/Zack)

Title: Retrieval
Author: [info]skeren
Rating: Fully worksafe I believe
Warnings: Seph is cockeyed
Word count: 520
Prompt: Claiming - You're mine. You will -always- be mine, no matter what.

It took some careful arrangement. )

Sep. 10th, 2007


Pure Ideas, Final Fantasy Seven (Zack/Cloud/Seph)

Title: Pure Ideas
Author: [info]skeren
Rating: R at worst, nudity!
Warnings: Seph isn't quite sane, though none really.
Word count: 3351
Prompt: Cat outfit - ears, tail and collar with little bell - He has cat eyes, he moves like a cat - do you think he purrs too?
Note: It didn't really come out smutty nor cracky, then again, the story it woke was lurking for well over a year, so hopefully you enjoy it!

First, however, they had to knock him out. )

Sep. 7th, 2007


Everything, Final Fantasy VII (Jenova/Sephiroth)

Title: Everything
Author: [info]skeren
Rating: G
Warnings: None really.
Word count: 391
Prompt: mindfuck – “Her caress was gentle before it turned rough.”

Not so slow progression )

Sep. 5th, 2007


Glass Walls, Final Fantasy VII (Sephiroth/Yazoo)

Title: Glass Walls
Author: [info]skeren
Rating: G
Warnings: Yazoo thinking?
Word count: 1314
Prompt: Claiming/possessing - "Gotcha!"
Note: This story came out far far more serious than I honestly expected it to.

All such things )


Little Reminders, Final Fantasy Seven (Sephiroth/Aeris/Cloud/Zack)

Title: Little Reminders
Author: [info]skeren
Rating: G
Warnings: None come to mind
Word count: 479
Prompt: collars: "the fine art of Zack-wrangling"

The idea had taken some thought you see. )

Sep. 1st, 2007


Gentle Dreaming, Final Fantasy Seven (Zack/Cloud)

Title: Gentle Dreaming
Author: [info]skeren
Rating: NC-17, definitely not worksafe
Warnings: None exactly, though it's not as straightforward as it seems.
Word count: 1055
Prompt: dream sex – “I wish that I could stay here forever.”
A/N: It's set post AC, and hopefully, one who made the prompt, it lived up to expectations. It didn't go exactly as intended from when I picked it.

Light touches )

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