Nov. 28th, 2008


Tell Me Tonight, Suikoden III (Hugo/Lilly)

Title: Tell Me Tonight
Author/Artist: [info]catdevigri
Rating: PG
Prompt: Hugo/Lilly - masquerade ball - "You are dense. Why do you think I invited you to begin with?"
Word count: 1,890
Summary: Hugo attends an Independence Day ball in Tinto at the invitation of Lilly Pendragon.
This was his first time in Tinto. )

Nov. 18th, 2008


Woman of the Wood, Final Fantasy XII (Balthier/Fran)

Title: Woman of the Wood
Author/Artist: [info]catdevigri
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nudity, implied sex
Prompt: Fran/Balthier - age difference - "still so young to travel so far, old enough to know who you are"
Word count: 772 words
Summary: Fran thinks about her new partner/lover.
The past and the present met in her thoughts )

Nov. 14th, 2008


One of Those Nights, Final Fantasy IX (Zidane/Freya)

Title: One of Those Nights
Author/Artist: [info]catdevigri
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Innuendo, drinking
Prompt: Freya/Zidane - sex without strings - "I hope you don't expect me to swoon into your arms like a lovesick peasant girl."
Word count: 719
Summary: Zidane and Freya meet in a bar and decide to have some fun.
She was as bitter as ever, but it had been a long time. )

Nov. 11th, 2008


Porcelain Doll/Mirror Image, Suikoden III (Sasarai/Sarah)

Title: Porcelain Doll/Mirror Image
Author/Artist: [info]catdevigri
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Prompt: Sasarai/Sarah - fancy dress-up ball - "Care for a dance?"
Word count: 1,311
Summary: Sasarai meets a mystery girl at a party.
A/N: This was really fun. I should write more Sasarai/Sarah in the future!
A wallflower and a social butterfly )

Nov. 10th, 2008


Faith Proves Nothing, Suikoden III (Albert/Sarah)

Title: Faith Proves Nothing
Author/Artist: [info]catdevigri
Rating: R
Warnings: Touching, foreplay
Prompt: Suikoden III - Albert/Sarah - restraint - faith proves nothing
Word count: 1,599
Summary: Albert and Sarah have different views concerning both Luc and love.
A/N: I'm not entirely satisfied with this... And some discussion of Luc/Sarah inevitably slips in.
Yes, no, maybe so. )

Nov. 7th, 2008


Making the Best of Hard Work and Accidents , Final Fantasy XII (Penelo/Basch)

Title: Making the Best of Hard Work and Accidents
Author/Artist: [info]catdevigri
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Prompt: Final Fantasy XII- Penelo/Basch- fancy dress date- "You ripped my new dress!"
Word count: 1,979
Summary: Penelo wears a very special dress to a dinner at the palace with Ashe, Larsa, and Basch.
A/N: Argh! This was for the 6th, but I just couldn't get it finished until today!
On a double date with royalty )

Nov. 3rd, 2008


Autobiographical Fictions, Suikoden III (Luc/Sarah)

Title: Autobiographical Fictions
Author: [info]catdevigri
Rating: PG
Warnings: None really.
Prompt: Suikoden III- Luc/Sarah- stolen moments- We breathe, we think, we conceive of our lives as narratives
Word count: 1,119
Summary: These are the molds Luc and Sarah have created for their lives.
I see it my way and you see it yours )

Jul. 11th, 2008


Bound, Suikoden IV, Troy/Flare

Title: Bound
Author: [info]catdevigri
Rating: R
Warnings: Mostly foreplay, but implied sex...semi-consensual
Word count: 1618
Summary: Flare vowed to protect Obel and its secrets, but Troy had ways of making his captive talk.
Prompt: Suikoden IV - Troy/Flare - captive - "I have no use for you."

Only the palace remained unassailed. )

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