Dec. 13th, 2008


Kinkfest Roundup for Nov. 22 ++

I am epic fail for coming into this super late and failing at life in general, but here's the last roundup for this Kinkfest!

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Do let me know if I've missed anything!

Nov. 22nd, 2008


Kinkfest round-up for Nov. 15 - 21

21 fandoms, 40 stories. Feel free to go back and comment if you liked someone's story!

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Nov. 15th, 2008


November 2008 - Week 2 Master List

Keep up the good work everyone!

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Nov. 10th, 2008


November 2008 - Week 1 Master List

Sorry for the delay, but here's the master list from November 1st - November 7th. This past week, we had 48 fics, 21 authors, and 32 fandoms (including those in crossovers) represented. Great going, guys! Good luck with the weeks to come, and if you missed anything last week, now's a good chance to go back, read, and comment.

master list: November 1 - November 7 )

If you notice anything wonky with the list, drop a comment here and I'll fix it.

Thanks for all the hard work, writers! And big thanks go out to [info]laylah, of course, who organized this round and who's pretty much running it singlehandedly.

(I will now be following my own advice and reading the lovely fic I didn't have time to look at last week. *scampers*)

Sep. 19th, 2008


Kinkfest: prompt lists are go!

Okay, that's the last of the prompt lists! We have about 45 hours until claiming opens -- please let me know if you spot anything in the lists that's out of order or incomplete.

Claiming will run the same way as the last round: each prompt can be claimed twice for fic and twice for art. When claiming first opens, you can take fifteen prompts. After three days, the limit will be lifted, and if you're feeling masochistic enough you can take more.

Yes, you may claim your own prompts.

I will update the lists with claims as quickly as I can.

Questions? Comments? Let me know!

Claiming will open at 6:00pm on Sunday, US Pacific time; see the conversion to your time zone here.

Sep. 4th, 2008


Kinkfest - November round prompt post

Welcome to the prompting post for Kinkfest's November round!

Prompting is open closed! Prompt lists will go up shortly. :3

There are very few rules for leaving prompts! They go as follows:

- Please leave your prompts in the format [number between 1 and 30] - [fandom] - [pairing] - [kink] - [prompt line/lyric/phrase/etc]. To prompt for a crossover, list it as "Crossover: fandom x/fandom y." Examples:
2 - Baccano! - Claire/Chane - blindfolds - no sight, no sound
18 - Ouran High School Host Club - Kaoru/Hikaru/Tamaki - clothing - “Whoever comes in his pants first loses.”
25 - Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/Firefly - Mal/Kara - dancing with death - "You're several types of crazy, girl."

- Please write out the names of your fandoms (no abbreviations!) and your pairings (no name-smooshes!) so they're easier to sort.

- You may leave as many prompts as you want; making prompts doesn't obligate you to claim any.

Along with the rules there are also some guidelines! All this stuff is optional, but helpful for you, for me, or both.
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Questions? Ask over here.

Ready? Get prompting! All comments are screened. :3

Sep. 3rd, 2008


New round: get!

Okay, guys, I've gotten the go-ahead to start up another round of [info]kinkfest!

So the schedule will look something like this:
Prompting opens Sept. 4 or 5
Prompting ends Sept. 19, 6pm PDT
Complete prompt list posted on Sept. 20
Claiming begins Sept. 21, 6pm PDT
Posting happens throughout November

I realize that November isn't ideal for everyone, primarily because of NaNoWriMo, but pushing things out to December sounded likely to be difficult for more people, whether due to Yuletide, exam schedules, RL holiday and family obligations, or any combination thereof. And this'll provide something for the non-NaNo part of fandom to do during the month when the novel-writers are sequestered with their race against the word count. ^_^

Unfulfilled prompts from last round will be carried over one time; you can see the complete list of prompts from last round here, here, and here. Note that if a prompt was claimed last round but not completed, it will still carry over -- you can check the tag for the date or the pairing, if you're not sure whether a claimed prompt was completed.

Questions? Ask away!

Aug. 1st, 2008


Kinkfest Week 4+ master list

Thank you to everyone who participated! You're all awesome.

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Jul. 22nd, 2008


Kinkfest - Week 3 Master List

Keep up the good work!

Here's the master list for week 3 -- 32 more pieces, 20 different fandoms. (The next list will probably be for week 4-and-then-some, since there are a few days left over at the end of the month.)

As always, if I've missed anything or made errors anywhere, please let me know!

Also, please, if you have time, browse through the lists and see if you missed anything you might want to check out -- we have a lot of cool stuff happening here that doesn't get much response, and that's really a shame. So take a look! And please leave comments where you can.

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Jul. 15th, 2008


Kinkfest - Week 2 Master List

And here we are -- 46 more pieces from July 8-14, and people have already started posting for week 3. ^_^

As always, if I missed something or included the wrong details anywhere, drop me a note and I'll fix it as soon as I get back to the computer.

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Jul. 8th, 2008


Kinkfest - Week 1 Master List

Keep up the good work, guys!
Week 1: 54 stories in 24 fandoms. Awesome. ^_^

Take a look through here and see if there's anything you missed during the week, and please don't forget to leave comments -- everyone loves getting feedback for their work.

Good luck with week 2, writers and artists!

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Jun. 30th, 2008


Kinkfest - about to get started!

Kinkfest posting starts tomorrow! Are you ready? (...I wish I were.)

Quick posting reminders:

Please post on your prompt's assigned day, if possible. If you have to post early because you're going out of town, or late for whatever reason, that's okay, but if you *can* post on the prompt's assigned day, please do so -- that helps keep the asylum's output spread out so there's new cool stuff every day, and nobody's flist gets swamped at any point. ^^

When you post, please use the following format:

[Subject Line]: Story/ArtWork Title, fandom (pairing)
[Body --]
Warnings: (if applicable)
Word count: (optional for authors)
Summary: (if applicable)
A/N: (if applicable)
[your piece, behind a cut tag]

Please post your work directly to the asylum, instead of fake-cutting to your own journal, to keep our archive complete.

Your piece will be assigned tags for posting date, author/artist, fandom, and pairing. If any of them exist already in the list, feel free to add them yourself (don't forget to check for your pairing written in a different order); if they're not already there I'll add them as soon as I can.
Edit: I am in the process of sorting all the tags, so that they are grouped together by category -- author/artist, crossover, fandom, pairing -- and will be easier to browse. Categorized tags will start with a single letter for the category, before the name itself (e.g., "f: bleach," or "p: ichigo/ishida"). Pairings are all listed with the characters in alphabetical order, just because that's the easiest standard to apply across the board for the sake of indexing (so, for example, the tag will say "p: cloud/zack" even if the headers say Zack/Cloud) -- this way a single tag will display all the pieces written/drawn for the two (or three or four) characters in question. ^_^

Have fun, and good luck finishing up!

Apr. 16th, 2008


[admin] July prompt post!

Please leave your prompts in the following format:
Fandom - pairing - kink/trope/cliche - phrase/lyric/line - [number between 1-31]

All fandoms and all combinations of characters (m/m, m/f, f/f, groupings, other) are welcome! Please make sure you spell out the names of your fandom and your pairing, so I can put things in order properly on the lists. Crossovers are welcome; just do the fandom part of the prompt as "Crossover: Fandom A/Fandom B."

Stargate: Atlantis - John/Rodney - mind control - you only hear what you want to - 8
Crossover: Final Fantasy XII/Tales of the Abyss - Gabranth/Asch - swordplay - show no weakness - 25

Comments are screened; I'll update this post periodically (I'll try for every day) with a list of all the fandoms that have been prompted so far. ^_^
edit: Fandom list as of May 1, 6:30am PDT [probably the last fandom update, guys] (including halves of crossovers):
omg crazy long list )

And that's it -- Prompting is closed!
The lists will go up soon. ^_^


[admin] July Round go!

Welcome back, IJ! Nothing says "it's good to see you!" like a new excuse for porn. So here we go!

I will be running a new round of [info]kinkfest starting with prompts now, claiming in early May, and posting throughout July.

Prompts submitted: now through ~9pm US Pacific time, Friday May 2 (check the time in your time zone here)
Prompt lists posted that weekend
Claiming opens 6pm US Pacific time, Sunday May 4 (the time in your time zone)
Posting happens throughout July!

Since I don't have Spren's database of old unfilled prompts, we will be starting from scratch for the prompt list this round. There's no limit to the number of prompts you can make, so let's see some awesome stuff!

Questions/comments? Let me know!
Got a list of prompts ready? Leave them here!

Sep. 8th, 2007


First Week Master List

Hi there!
As some of you might already know, Spren's having a tough time IRL right now, so I'm stepping in to help out with [info]kinkfest until she has the time and energy to come back.

I've pulled together what I think is a complete list of the pieces completed for September 1-7, and who prompted each one. Please let me know if you spot any errors or omissions, though, because after a while it does get pretty overwhelming. ^^;

September 1-7 )

Aug. 29th, 2007


Posting Instructions

Whee! And we're almost there. Posting begins on September 1st so I just want to take a minute to go over the posting template.

  • Fic: If your story is over 100 words and/or contains sensitive or explicit material, squick or character death, it must be behind cut tags
    Art: Use your discretion.
  • Please use the following template when posting:

    Posting Template:

    [Subject Line]: Story/ArtWork Title, fandom (pairing)
    [Body --]
    Word count: (optional for authors)
    Summary: (if applicable)
    A/N: (if applicable)
  • Tagging - Stories will be sorted by fandom, pairing, date, and author/artist. (ex. september 15, laylah, final fantasy xii, vaan/ba'gamnan)
  • Recipients (of the fic/artwork posted) will be revealed at the end of each day via [info]madrisjoint. Recipients: Feel free to leave feedback anonymously if you want to keep them wondering until the update or have mercy and reveal yourself under your IJ name. *G*
  • Post your contribution to the community, not just a link to your IJ. This is so that if you should for some reason decide to delete your IJ, we still have the post.

Questions? Concerns?

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