Jan. 21st, 2020


rambling about mk11: skarlet edition

She wasn't the character that immediately grabbed me in the story mode, but I've really grown to love the reworked Skarlet. I love really love her anger, her cunning, her hunger. I love that she's this pulpy and over the top villain in some ways, but the writing and the way her voice actress goes all in gives her a complexity and weight that matches the over the top elements--her blood magic, the way she revels in it and thirsts for power--with the way they're rooted in more down to earth elements--that she sees both this tyrant and the blood magic he taught her as her path out of starvation and poverty, and she intends to never be hungry again and tends to dismiss the empathy and higher ideals of those in a position of power as naivete.

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Jan. 17th, 2020


this is such a mess

I find it not at all surprising that after years of a relentless campaign of harassment on every social media platform Boyega occupied--that was usually only thinly veiled racism if veiled at all--Reylo shippers have fallen seamlessly into 'oh no, this black man made a SEXUAL joke and that's AWFUL and FRIGHTENING and oh won't someone, somewhere, DO SOMETHING about him?' Like. The white woman's tears weren't subtle before, but I guess it really is out in the open now.

Exhausting. Frightening. Depressing. But not surprising.

I've found more than once that I feel outsize stress or distress in regard to fandom fuckery when RL stress is being unrecognized or has no real outlet, but in this case it's hard to separate the tenor of this little piece of fandom history from a whole mess of environmental stressors.

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