November 18th, 2008

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Woman of the Wood, Final Fantasy XII (Balthier/Fran)

Title: Woman of the Wood
Author/Artist: [info]catdevigri
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nudity, implied sex
Prompt: Fran/Balthier - age difference - "still so young to travel so far, old enough to know who you are"
Word count: 772 words
Summary: Fran thinks about her new partner/lover.
The past and the present met in her thoughts )

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Like Bubbles, Fullmetal Alchemist (Sloth/Winry)

Title: Like Bubbles
Author/Artist: [info]badpenny
Rating: Not Worksafe
Warnings: Violation, tentacles where they don't belong (but not all the places they don't belong), mild spoilers through episodes 38/39 and 47/48 of the anime.
Prompt: Fullmetal Alchemist - Sloth/Winry - tentacles - nightmares and dreamscapes
Word count: 810
Summary: Sloth tries to eliminate some troublesome memories.

Like Bubbles )

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Not Alone, Bleach (Orihime/Grimmjow)

Title: Not Alone
Author/Artist: [info]shiegra
Rating: R

Prompt: Bleach - Grimmjow/Orihime - Stockholm syndrome - It's not your fault that you're always wrong / The weak ones are there to justify the strong
Word count: 786

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Satin, Blood Ties (Henry/Vicki)

Title: Satin
Author/Artist: [info]shiegra
Rating: R/NC17

Prompt: Blood Ties - Henry/Vicki - Friction or frottage (naked or clothed; intercrural sex; someone rubbing off on sheets while giving head or being fucked) - A night in black satin
Word count: 373

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Change, Code: Breaker (Ogami/Sakura)

Title: Change
Author/Artist: [info]shiegra
Rating: PG

Prompt: Code: Breaker - Oogami/Sakura - worry - She was going to get herself killed one of these days, and if she did--
Word count: 193

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Resemblance, D.Grayman/Baccano! (Tyki Mick/Rachel)

Title: Resemblance
Author/Artist: [info]shiegra
Rating: PG13/R

Prompt: Crossover: D.Gray-man/Baccano! - Tyki Mick/Rachel - trading favors - black and white and re(a)d all over
Word count: 465

A/N: I'm so sorry, I just could not get porn to work. I wanted to!

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Boys Riding in Cars With Boys, FFVII: CC, (Sephiroth/Genesis)

Title: Boys Riding in Cars With Boys

Author: FayrieFox

Rating: M

Warnings: handjob, reckless behavior whilst driving.

Prompt: Nov 15 -- Final Fantasy VII (Crisis Core) - Genesis/Sephiroth - Car Chase - "Must you quote all that now?"

Summary: He wouldn’t shut up, and Sephiroth had to do something.

A/N: Again I am sorry because this was verra late, but at least it got done.

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Closet Space, Cardcaptor Sakura (Touya/Yukito)

Title: Closet Space

Author: FayrieFox

Rating: G

Prompt: Nov 18 -- Cardcaptor Sakura - Touya/Yukito - confession - and the truth will set you free

Summary: In the closet, both literally and figuratively.

A/N: Touya means peach tree or arrow, for anybody that didn’t already know.

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Of Cell Phones, X/1999 (Seishirou/Subaru)

Title: Of Cell Phones

Author: FayrieFox

Rating: T, maybe…

Warnings: Seishirou.

Prompt: Nov 18 -- X/1999 - Seishirou/Subaru - inappropriate phone calls - his cell phone burns against his ear, from the heat of Seishirou's voice or from the flush spreading over Subaru's skin

Summary: Seishirou probably does this on purpose.

A/N: I know this probably isn’t what people want exactly, but...

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