December 31st, 2011

[info]reapinghavok in [info]immune_ic

AU Day!

SCENARIO: Zombie-free New Year's!
WHO: Leah & O'Brien
WHEN: December 31, 2018; around 11:30PM and after this
WHERE: Times Square
WHAT: A random encounter. Leah runs into O'Brien and asks where her brother is.
RATING: Medium, maybe.

After parting ways with Charlie... )

[info]reapinghavok in [info]immune_ic

AU Day!

SCENARIO: Zombie-free New Year's Eve!
WHO: Leah & Charlie
WHEN: December 31, 2018; around 11:00PM, an hour after this.
WHERE: Between Bryant Park and Times Square.
WHAT: Charlie encounters Leah just in time to save her from a mugger.
RATING: High, for swearing probs.
STATUS: In progress.

So much for staying awake until midnight... )

[info]littledeadly in [info]immune_ic

SCENARIO: Zombie-free New Year's Eve.
WHO: Charlie and whoever else is on security around Times Square.
WHEN: December 31, 2018; night.
WHERE: Times Square.
WHAT: FBI Agent Charlie West is bored up in her sniper's perch. She provides amusing commentary over the radio channel.
RATING: Medium to start. Charlie's still got a foul mouth.
STATUS: Placeholder for now.

Pay no attention to the blank space behind the curtain. )

[info]stampitout in [info]immune_ic

SCENARIO: Zombie Free New Year's
WHO: Eloise and Brennan
WHAT: Ellie is out of her mind, and Brennan is her gentleman savior.
WHERE: Streets of New York.
RATING: Medium/High. Not sure...?
STATUS: In progress.

gravity, no escaping / not for free )

[info]lament in [info]immune_ic

SCENARIO: Zombie free New Year's
WHO: Liam and Leti
WHAT: Making a new friend on New Year's Eve
WHERE: Faherty's
STATUS: In progress

What can I get for you? )