December 9th, 2011

[info]quietsurvivor in [info]immune_ic

Who: Kori and Eli (& Rae later?)
What: Patching up the cut on Kori's thigh.
When: Backdated a little to 12/7, after the boats dock at Liberty Island.
Where: Liberty Island.
Rating: TBD.
Status: In progress?

...she really didn't want to get anyone killed because she was klutz. )

[info]soeccentric in [info]immune_ic

WHO: David and Sarah
WHAT: First real solo interactions.
WHERE: Liberty Island, of course.
WHEN: 12/09, afternoon.
RATING: TBD/medium for language?
STATUS: In progress.

His thumb trailed along the screen, smiling as the screen tugged to the left side. )