December 2nd, 2011

[info]scratchthesky in [info]immune_ic

WHO: Rae and Brennan
WHAT: They go out together to patrol the island (namely the pier) to assess the the possible threat of the large number of swimmers
WHERE: A pier on Liberty Island
WHEN: Friday, 1 December 2018, 11:50 pm
RATING: Medium/High (for violence)
STATUS: Complete.

The east side of the island was dark and silent )

[info]rebelinnature in [info]immune_ic

Who: George and Miles.
What: Unintentionally meeting for the first time.
When: December 2, sometime after Evan stopped teasing her on the forum.
Where: Grand Central.
Rating: TBD.
Status: Complete.

Like all those other nights in the past when everything inside was just too much to express verbally or in written form she danced. )