November 20th, 2011

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WHO: Allie and Ollie
WHEN: November 19, 2018; the wee hours of the morning
WHERE: Their room at Federal Hall
WHY: Ollie went out after dark and got into some trouble. Allie gets her moment of "I told you so."
HOW: Probably some swearing.
STATUS: In progress

It was a bad time to attempt to kick her habit of nail-biting... )

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Who: Leah & Jude
When: 11/20/18, late afternoon.
Where: Somewhere between Firehouse 33 & NY Public Library
Rating: M - violent imagery, dead children, and language.
Status: In progress.

His short distance radio fritzed out a block ago. Coincidentally, that's when he heard the distant pleas of the Wakers too. )