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Seduction? (tag: Loki) [22 Apr 2014|02:28pm]

It had taken Sigyn some time to get an idea of what Loki’s schedule might be. Mostly because she couldn’t simply ask. People would wonder if she’d started asking about a known philanderer, they’d want to know why she wanted to know. And she certainly couldn’t tell them. )

Sisterly Advice [shortly after marriage to Thoth] (tag: Tawaret) [09 Apr 2014|10:06pm]

Seshat was, by nature, a learner. Though some might think that given her proclivities she'd be a know-it-all, Seshat recognized that she did not in fact know it all. But she wanted to. She had a constant hunger to discover new information that she didn't have before. So she never hesitated in tracking down ways to feed that hunger, particularly when she found a topic that was completely unfamiliar.

Except this time. )

Necessity – shortly after Aesir-Vanir War [tag: Freyja] [20 Jan 2014|08:32pm]

There were so many perks to being able to claim Alfheim for himself. The first was, of course, that it was given to him so he wasn't even arrogant in claiming it, or so Freyr liked to think. The second was that the weather over his hall was whatever he really wished it to be. The third was that it was far away from Asgard and whatever hold Odin seemed to think he may have had over Freyr, his twin and their father. The fourth was the fact that what happened in Alfheim stayed in Alfheim because there was no one that had any reason to snitch and Odin's rules for Asgard didn't govern him there.

Freyr didn't really hate the Aesir. It was too strong of a word. He just didn't care for how they did things and changing things they had no business changing. Like his marriage. Freyja was Freyr's. He loved her over every other, his twin suited him perfectly. Together they would have beautiful and perfect children. )

What IS This? [The Golden Age] (Tag: Ninkasi) [06 Jan 2014|01:48am]

Aset hated it when her beloved husband roamed the world. She understood, and even agreed with, the necessity of teaching mortals the laws and morals of the gods. If Ma'at was to be upheld, the gods couldn't do it alone. During his journeys, Isis managed things in Kemet, and had already proven she was up to the task. But they were lonely times.

Asar always made up for his long trips when he returned. Besides the blissful things a husband and wife did when they were separated for long periods of time, he also regaled her with tales from the lands he visited. Some were amusing, some confusing, and some were just delightful. Upon his most recent return to Kemet, he told her a tale that was nothing short of bizarre.

She had to see the truth of this for herself. )

Little Scamp Scampered Off... [Ancient Egypt] (tag: Hermes) [05 Jan 2014|08:19pm]

After This.

When Thoth heard that young Hermes had come to see him, there was no hiding that it pleased him. The boy was smart, clever and rather anxious to see and learn new things. Delightful qualities to have. He was very, very fond of the boy. He'd been told there was an extension of xenia so it might have been a bit before he'd actually see the kid.

Except that several hours passed, enough that he noted the change in the set of the sun and still Hermes had not been brought before him. Perhaps he fell asleep. A full stomach and having thirst quenched with beer could have understandably caused a certain degree of drowsiness and the Greek was more than welcome to stay and rest.

But come the next morning, Hermes still did not come before him. Strange. )

Questions [A few weeks after Loki brings the children to Asgard] (tag: Loki) [04 Jan 2014|12:48pm]

Hel was getting worried.

When Daddy brought them to Asgard, he told her and her brothers that this was their new home. She had figured that their mother would be joining them soon. At first, there was a lot to explore and learn about this new place, and filled with excitement, the days passed. Hel was too young to have any real concept of time, but she began to realize that her mother really should have been here by now. There had been too many sleeps, of that she was sure.

So she went to find Daddy. )

Seeking Advice [long ago] (tag: Frigg) [02 Jan 2014|01:59pm]

Shortly after this.

Sigyn was frustrated. )

Conversation [after the Titanomachy] (tag: Styx) [09 Oct 2013|10:05pm]

Lottie set the basket down on the banks of the river and pulled out the blanket she'd tucked over the top. There was little doubt that she would be here for some time, so she might as well get comfortable and it was her favorite blanket for sitting on. It wasn't the sort that would work well on a bed, it was a bit too thick so it didn't conform to a prone body. But that thickness made it fantastic for things like picnics or staring at clouds or talking a sister out of a sulk.

Actually, that wasn't really fair. )

Misplaced Affections -550 BCE -Samos, Greece [tag: Hera] [07 Oct 2013|09:45pm]

Hedylogos was standing in the temenos, looking at the dressed and adorned statue with not only an affection but a deep level of concentration. There was, unfortunately, a limit to what he could do or say. The temple had been not only rebuilt, but redesigned. It was much larger, much more elegant and even though he had no hand in the planning or the labor involved in the build, he still felt it was not enough. When one considered the great temples of Zeus that graced the known world, this was not sufficient. But, Flattery was limited.

It was unfortunate, he often thought, how women were treated. The mortals saw them as nothing, and in the case of the Athenians, were preferred to not exist as anything other than a birthing machine. The men looked to Zeus, his king, for how to behave. It was why mortal men -especially the Athenians, philandered with frequency, sired bastards as will, sometimes beat their wives and then... sometimes even worse.

If he ever married, Hedylogos knew he would never be so cruel. )

Unexpected Turn Of Events [ancient times] (tag: Frigg) [05 Oct 2013|04:07pm]

This was not something Odin had anticipated. It wasn't even in the realm of reasonable expectations.

Laying there beside Frigg, he had come to one rather astonishing conclusion- he didn't want her to leave. Not in terms of wanting further companionship for the night, but in the long-term view of not wanting her to leave ever.

How had she done that? )

Look Homeward, Angel [long ago] (tag: Loki) [30 Sep 2013|09:50pm]

Very shortly after this.

It was a quiet morning. Holda had decided to show off a bit for her guest, so there was a thick blanket of snow layered over everything, bending the boughs of the pines surrounding her home, muffling all the noises of the forest. Sigyn loved mornings like this, when there was nothing but cold air and wood smoke on the chill breeze. Her hands were wrapped around a mug that was heated by the contents within: hot, mulled cider from Holda's cellar.

There was something about being home )

Growing Pains [a long, long time ago] (tag: Freyja) [30 Sep 2013|09:24pm]

Thor was not pleased. And when Thor was not pleased, everybody knew about it. Thunder rolled, lighting crackled, furniture was smashed, crockery was smash, and there was a lot of yelling involved. When Thor was upset, it was a rather loud affair.

But how could he not be upset? )

Seas Best Not Navigated (Tag: Rosmerta) [28 Sep 2013|03:13pm]

Manannan, a Thírna nan cheó (Manannan, Lord of Mist)
éist le ár ghuí agus osclaím nan n-geatai bíseanna (Hear our prayer and open the Spiraled Gate.)
Manannan, a Loingseoir Mhór (Manannan, Great Navigator)
Stiúradh sinn, (Steer us,)
Más é do thoil é, spré do clóca-cheó (If it please you, spread your mist-cloak)
agus beir gach a Tír na n-Óg. (and bear away each to Tir na n-Óg.)

Bloody mortals. Bloody stupid, power-hungry, increasingly foolhardy mortals.

The seas and the land had been echoing with the death chants of the land of Eire all night, and the great Ferryman of the dead could only ignore the prayers for so long. One foolish Roman general had chosen to set foot on his land, and the people of the Tuatha de Danaan struck back with all the ferocity of a bear. While the general had turned back, choosing instead to write his letters back to his emperor on the other side of the Muir Éireann, the incursion had left Manannan Mac Lir in a foul mood.

The kind of mood maelstroms were made from. )

Whoops [June 30, 1908] (tag: Hephaestus) [27 Aug 2013|11:56am]

Dionysus loved Hephaestus' forge. There were so many shiny things to look at and touch. Each one did something different and amazing and wonderful and unexpected. Oh he loved the unexpected. That the owner of the forge had told him repeatedly not to touch things without asking never seemed to completely sink in to the part of his brain that retained long term memory. Or if it accidentally managed to do just that, it was easily forgotten when confronted with the wonders presented by Heph's creations.

The lovely little trinket he was currently toying with, for example. )

Waylaid (tag: Styx) [16 Jul 2013|10:46am]

Note: a few weeks after this

Hel missed Hades. For as lovely as Nyx was, and how welcoming her family had been, Hades was different. Nyx was a friend, but she was also almost a mother figure to Hel, whereas Hades was just a genuine friend. Whether or not Hel sort of, kind of had a crush on Hades might have had a bit to do with her wanting to see him.

Okay, more than a bit. )

Raging Hormones [Ancient Egypt] (tag: Seshat) [20 Jun 2013|11:28am]

The trouble with being a god, and the son of Zeus most likely a big part of that, was how quickly he grew. His first day of life, Hermes had done more and grown faster than was natural by any stretch of the imagination. A baby that could already walk and talk, steal cows and invent musical instruments, lie and bargain, and turn a man to stone, all on his first day of life was far from ordinary. The rest of his childhood was no different. While it had been measured in years, it was not as many years as others, particularly mortals, spent developing. Perhaps that was part of why now, as a young man, Hermes still had all the characteristics and feelings of an adolescent.

Not just any adolescent. An adolescent smack in the middle of puberty. )

Doomed to the past [Styx] [11 Jun 2013|10:58pm]

[set a few years after Titanomachy]

Though their time on Olympus had been a few years gone already, there were times when their new 'home' didn't feel quite much like that as it should. There were some times that it felt foreign and she just wanted the comfort of what had been. But that wasn't possible so she gathered all the inner strength she had and moved on

Nike had to be there for her siblings; she was the oldest and had to take care of the three of them since it was for the most part just the four of them now. There were those on Olympus who they could call friend and who would look after them but has they had learned from when they were very very young, family was the most important thing. On Olympus it was just the four of them; most of the rest of their family at least on their mother's side were in the Underworld, and they didn't get to see them often.

Or their mother either for that matter.

Since the ware with the Titan's Styx had taken to her river and stayed away, choosing solitude over company with others, even her children. Styx had been around since the War, when summoned, catching up with Kratos, Bia and Zelos but Nike always felt... distanced from it. Her mother was never hateful or mean to her but her expression never seemed to be as happy with her as she was with her siblings. Nike was too worried what the cause was at first to pose it to question. But as the years went by, and the feeling grew, the more it upset little Victory, to the point of annoyance and hurt.

Soon Styx would be back and for all of their sakes, she knew that her and her mother needed to confront this.

Blood Is Thicker [prior to the Indian Wars] (tag: Enyo) [04 Jun 2013|04:58pm]

It had been a lovely town, he reflected as he watched the smoke roll up from one of the buildings on the eastern side. Dionysus was standing on the hillside just to the south, upwind of the smoke, watching with great pride as his maenads began making their way through the town. Whoever had started that first fire was brilliant, and would be rewarded. He'd just thought to teach the people here not to disrespect a god, a lesson best learned well before they ran into someone less pleasant than he was, but the fire changed that plan. Now, his mind turned toward razing the entire area. Then the forest could take over and it could be as new.

“Burn it!” )

Deflowering [ancient, ancient times] (tag: Eros) [04 Jun 2013|04:01pm]

Kratos stood in the middle of the road, watching the retreating figure as she stomped away. Each footstep created a little puff of dust because of the dry conditions, but to Kray's confused mind it seemed to be a manifestation of her attitude towards him. Which he couldn't quite put a finger on, but it seemed to be a combination of anger, disgust and being affronted. Was there a word for that? And one question kept throbbing in his brain, just as his cheek throbbed where she'd struck him: what the hell had just happened? )

All's Fair [during the Trojan War] (tag: Aphrodite) [28 May 2013|08:46pm]

Trust Zeus to have his resolve bent because of a woman. It didn't matter to Hera if the woman in question was Briseis or Thetis, though truthfully she was more bitter about Thetis' involvement. The end result was still the same: Zeus was allowing Greeks, his own people, to be defeated. Not only was he favoring the Trojans, he'd threatened her when she'd asked him about it, then forbidden anyone else on Olympus from “interfering” in the war. He was interfering! For the wrong side! )

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