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December 31st, 2009

[Dec. 31st, 2009|12:05 pm]


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Who: Alfie and Julien
What: Alfie freaking out about the Registration
Where: Abandoned classroom
When: Last night
Rating/Warning: TBA, but boysnoggage is probably a definite.

His hands were shaking. )
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Daily Prophet: December 31, 1997 [Dec. 31st, 2009|12:45 pm]
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Protective Decree Number Three

The newly created Muggleborn Registration Commission has expressed concerns that many so-called 'muggleborn' witches and wizards have expressed a desire to not identify themselves to the Ministry and the Commission. This subversive behavior should be seen as an attempt to usurp the power of the Ministry of Magic by avoiding Protective Decree Number Two, and could also be considered as evidence as to their guilt on the question of magical power obtained by theft.

All witches and wizards should be on alert in this matter of grave importance. If you have neighbours or acquaintances whom you believe are Muggleborn and are avoiding the summons to appear at the Ministry of Magic for questioning, you are required to report them to the Muggleborn Registration Commission.
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[Dec. 31st, 2009|02:11 pm]
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Who: Anyone at Hogwarts
What: Hogwarts New Year's Party
Where: Great Hall
When: Tonight, 10 pm - 1 am
Rating/Warning: TBA

Feel free to start your own threads in comments. Remember, curfew is extended until 1:30!

The New Year was meant for hope for the future and companionship. )
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[Dec. 31st, 2009|03:05 pm]


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Who: Argus Pyrites, Xenophilius Lovegood, (& Luna Lovegood?)
What: Argus tries to talk some sense into the Quibbler editor - if he does not get his way, things may go badly.
Where: The Quibbler headquarters/The Lovegood residence
When: Thursday, 31 December, 1997.  Early afternoon.
Rating/Warning: TBA

[Placeholder post for Argus/Xeno narrative, kidnapping thread between Argus and Luna to follow (?).]
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[Dec. 31st, 2009|04:32 pm]


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Who: Any legal witches and wizards!  (Assuming they're not under a curfew law, or otherwise impeded by their bloodline.)
What: Shindigs at the Shalott New Year's BASH
Where: Shalott
When: Thursday, 31 December, around ten o'clock
Rating/Warning: TBA

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[Dec. 31st, 2009|09:13 pm]


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Who: Katie Bell, Alicia Spinnet, Gred and Forge Weasley.
When: Tonightish?
Where: Starting at the girls' flat → WWW → Katie's parents.
What: Checking up on Katie's parents.
Rating: PG-13? Ongoing. Katie does, on occasion, like to curse.
Open/Closed: Open to just them. Unless we want some DEs to crash the party for more dramaz?

witty cut text )
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[Dec. 31st, 2009|10:43 pm]


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Who: Alfie and OPEN
What: Alfie wants to try out his Christmas present
Where: Quidditch Pitch
When: During the party in the Great Hall, extended curfew FTW!
Rating/Warning: TBA

He knew this was really, really going to hurt. )
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