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War Is Coming Communications.


May 2nd, 2015

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That answers that

[James Rogers]
Do you want to talk about it?

[Tony Stark]

[Warehouse Residents]
I recommend avoiding the theater for those curious.

[ooc: There may be possible Age of Ultron spoilers in comments. Read at your own risk!]

April 4th, 2015

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Well, this is certainly something.

I am deeply sorry for the mess. I was not expecting that to happen.

At least I can't say things are boring here.

Private log.
All right, Carter. You can handle this.

You've watched that show. You know how this works. It's vibrations. That's all. Don't panic. Don't hold it in. You'll only hurt yourself or lose control. And nobody wants that.

Just breathe and you will be fine.

God, I wish Howard was here.

SHIELD and Avengers and such
It would appear that I have acquired Skye's ability. Unless there is someone else here who can do something similar.

There was a slight mishap this morning, but it was really very minor, all things considered. It should be fine. I'll be fine. Just takes some adjustment is all.

I'm not quite so all right with this as I'd like people to think.

March 26th, 2015

No Strigoi

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James is healing well. Thank you to those who have inquired about him.

I think he sleeps easier when one of us is there.

January 29th, 2015

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I have my suit operational and ready to fly. Who would like to gaze upon it's beauty?

January 16th, 2015

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Filtered to Bruce Banner (616), Steve Rogers (MCU), Tony Stark (MCU)
So. There are two Starks now.

How do we want to do this?

So. It's been 16 days. Has anyone actually followed through on their New Year's Resolution?

November 24th, 2014

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[Bucky Barnes]
It looks like we might have a problem, Bucky
[Grant Ward]
News travels fast.

November 19th, 2014

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[Steve Rogers]
James wanted me to ask you if you would like to join us for Thanksgiving Dinner next week. He'd ask himself, but he's studying for midterms.

[Emma and Florence]
Tonight - or when you two are available - would you like to go out for drinks? It's been a while.

We haven't spoken in some time. How are you?

November 18th, 2014

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I sometimes wonder if being here is better than being there. And I figure in the end its got to be. That said, Christian ever comes here, he's dead. No questions, no second chances I..


How's the warehouse without Stark? Which of course lets face it, is a lead in to conversation where you tell me to keep away from Skye or something equally as ridiculous


Come see me later?

Its just that tonights not exactly a night I want to sit around alone. I'm gonna wind up switching the damn thing on and I can't promise I...

I don't know what I...Please Skye
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