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May 2nd, 2015

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That answers that

[James Rogers]
Do you want to talk about it?

[Tony Stark]

[Warehouse Residents]
I recommend avoiding the theater for those curious.

[ooc: There may be possible Age of Ultron spoilers in comments. Read at your own risk!]

April 29th, 2015

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I do not understand. What exactly is a Cheerleader? And what is it that Jane is doing by being the head one?

Also, my apologies for the storm the other day. The weather sometimes reacts to my emotions.

April 21st, 2015

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I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome those who have arrived here recently.

My name is Hermione Granger and I act as librarian and caretaker of the two libraries of magic here in Lawrence. Both hold absolute worlds of information on magic from a wide range of realities, as well as other assorted background reading. If you would like access to either Hogwarts Library or Loki's Magic Library, please let me know and we'll see if it can be arranged.

Alternatively, if there's anything you would like to know without making the trip yourself, feel free to ask me. I would be happy to share what information I can find or, if, for lack of time, that's not possible, provide references to speed up your search.

Filtered to the Mikaelsons (inc. Hayley)

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Friends, it has been too long. Will you join me at my hall for a feast in your honour? I would like you all to meet my son.

[Filtered to Bjorn and Floki]

Mig langar að kynna þig fyrir vini mínum, fjölskyldu sem tók mér í þegar ég kom fyrst hér.

Mig langar til að halda veislu fyrir þá. Ætlarðu að mæta?

[Filtered to Asgardians and their favoured guests]

I plan to hold a feast in the coming days, to bring my friends and family together. You are, as always, welcome at my table, with any guests you should wish to bring.

April 17th, 2015

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I'm beginning to think that I need to stop drinking. This is really not the place I went to sleep in. I don't remember drinking that much but that's the only reasonable logical explanation for this, right?

I have to get home. Pepper is going to be pissed if I'm late for dinner again. There really are only so many times you can use alien armies from outerspace.

April 16th, 2015

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You know what? No. NO. I'm not having this again. I don't care what bizarre explanation you people insist on giving me. I'm not being kidnapped AGAIN. I was just starting to get things back on track. Send me back. SEND ME BACK.

April 15th, 2015

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While I do miss certain aspects of being a vampire, I find that I am more at ease than I have been in a very long time.

And this elemental control is interesting. I rather like it. I do, of course, hope my power returns to me, but this is a welcome break.

I worry about you, brother.

Between this and Caroline's arrival, I find your silence troubling.

You have been there for me, when I needed you, and I would do the same for you. Tell me what I can do.

marcellus, camille.
Has Niklaus spoken to either of you? I'm worried about him.

I do hope you are not getting into too much trouble How are you faring, brother?

Perhaps I could come see you now?

How are you handling things? I know my abilities can be a bit much.

April 1st, 2015

Fail!Filter to Thor

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So. I was thinking, now that we've been here for a little bit now, and we aren't dealing with any more evil vampires running around, we should do something. Just the two of us. Like a date.

I know it's a bit different from how you probably do things on Asgard, but we could do dinner and a movie or something. It could be fun.

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[Filtered to Thor and Sif (failed filter per pcal)]
Why is one life more important than another?

[Filtered to James (failed filter per pcal)]
I do not like this place.

March 22nd, 2015

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Whoever came up with the name "funny bone" was seriously messed up. Like, in the head. There is nothing funny at all about that bone.

March 8th, 2015

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Okay. I'd think that this was actually really cool, if I didn't end up in some creepy graveyard, and not torn suddenly from my home. Still, alternate realities are pretty fascinating regardless.

I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Jane Foster.

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Gudene må ha grunn til å ha brakt meg hit. Selv om jeg har blitt fortalt at det er de fra hjemmet jeg kan vite her. Vel møtt. Jeg er Bjørn Lothbrok Ironside.

March 5th, 2015

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This is officially at the top of the list of strangest things that have ever happened to me. And that's a tough list to top, it really is.

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So why is the rum always gone?

'Cause I've got it.

Yo ho!

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Greetings, Midgardians.

My apologies for not making this post sooner. But, I supposed that the Lady Sif's would suffice.

However, it occurred to me, that I should actually apologise for the storm that occurred on my arrival. I was not happy to be dragged here away from Jane where I was.

However, with the formalities out of the way. Would anyone be able to inform me, as to why I have woken up wearing such strange attire? And, what this contraption that has appeared ois supposed to do?

March 3rd, 2015

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Hello Midgardians! Well met!

Might one of you kindly point me towards SHIELD? I am not sure exactly how we came to be here this time. And I think we disturbed a grave guardian. For that I am sorry.
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