War Is Coming Communications.

June 5th, 2014

War Is Coming Communications.


June 5th, 2014

Mikaelson clan plus Anna the angel and Damon I guess

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Okay. So what are we doing to make sure Crowley and purgatory and all that doesn't equal badness?

Looking for Alphas?

Prophets?---idk what a prophet would look like

Ancient texts

What's our first step?

No evil or heaven

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It has been a while since my original announcement regarding my plans, but a lot of time has been spent bringing them to fruition.

Thanks to my wife, it all has a name now. Sherwood will be opening the third weekend in June. Lydia has been arranging an opening event, though we plan to keep it fairly casual. To everyone who has accepted a job there, I want you to enjoy the evening so I'll be hiring in some extra help. If you could all come in the following Monday we'll discuss rosters and what you'll be doing.

A number of local businesses are aware of what we're trying to achieve and are happy to be involved where they can, and a lot more will be invited on the night to see what it is we are doing. I hope to get as many involved as possible. The more opportunities we can provide for interviews, the more hope of finding work for people.

You're all of course invited and I'd love to see you there.

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It's embarrassing how many of these are actually accurate.

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I am very pleased right now. In a month I'll be teaching a special refresher seminar for the forensic pathology class that the University of Kansas has, and if it goes well next semester I'll be teaching the course they offer. So I'm very pleased for that. Now I just need to prepare for the seminar.

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I've been doing a lot of baking yesterday and the day before. As it stands, I have muffins, biscuits, bread and other baked goods, more than I can possibly eat on my own. If any of you would like some you're more than welcome to come over and get whatever you like. You especially, John.

[OOC: Generally this means John, Mary and Harry but can also include Khan and Jesse if they so choose. Molly would be quite happy to share with them as well.]

No evil/heaven

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I started my courses online a week ago tomorrow. I have to admit, doing it mostly on my own at home is very...interesting. I like it a lot, actually, it's very convenient. It's nice to see that, while there seem to be some newer perspectives on certain things, for the most part as I can tell so far...literature is still largely the same.

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Best of luck on your hunt tomorrow, dearest. I love you. Return safely to me, please?


I realize we have our difference, but thank you for offering to go with Katerina on this hunt. I'm grateful for your help and for the advice you've been giving her. So, thank you.
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