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May 26th, 2014

May 26th, 2014

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Presents for Mal! )

No Evil, No Heaven, and No Party Haters!!

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Okay, now that we've totes rocked Jesse's big bash, MOAR PARTIES!!! Technically this is a belated bday bash for one James T Kirk (did I ever apologize for little me making fun of your middle name?). BUT it's mostly an excuse to get everyone together to play glow minigolf because why the hell not?? It's minigolf. With black lights!

So this Saturday night, we'll head out, have pizza and drinks for those of us allowed to do so, and party it up! And no hating, mmmk? Everyone is invited but only if you can keep the peace.


And you! I think we need a proper grand opening for your work of brilliance. Something the media can attend, get the word out. Something fun and classy but not lavish.

[Jane and Lois]

Guys, guys!!! We gotta throw a baby shower for Marian!!! She's due in a month and my little niece or nephew deserves a proper welcome!

[Mitchell and Tom]

Getting Hal and Alex back together. A waste of my precious time and breath or worthy cause.

Filtered from evil, Heaven, loyalists

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On the subject of parties.. I'll be having one for my birthday on the Friday of next week, June 6th. It will take place at a large ballroom in my manor and anyone is invited to come. They're welcome to bring their friends and significant others. Will be lots of refreshments, drinks, cake, music, games, possibly a feast/banquet thing as well. Found a good cook, but curious if I should have hired Ramsay too just for the entertainment value The DJ I might hire will also play anything people want, as well as me. I like alternative, rock (classic and modern from all eras), and metal.

Oh, and there is also an indoor pool if anyone got bored and just wanted to go for a swim. Might have a volleyball net set up in it too. If at least a handful wanted to play that eventually, just come see me about it and I'll have it set up. Party starts around five or six, ends close to late night.

And happy birthday, belated as it is and hoping all is well. I'm grateful for all your help. Also good news, I decided to buy the use of an existing building for my company (main office and work floors), as having one constructed takes quite a while. Managed to find a decent one. So if things go as well as they have so far, the business can start within the month. So, I am quite thankful for your help in making this possible.

Kol | Elijah

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You seem upset brother. So let's talk. Out with it. What's wrong?

Friends of Regina & House

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Last year these plans were forgotten as I was otherwise occupied. This year I'm determined to see them through.

Greg, we'll be celebrating your birthday whether you like it or not. So decide now what food you'd like and who you want to invite.

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Looks like I'm gonna get to fly some ancient planes. I'm under specific orders not to sass the instructors apparently. I promise nothin. This should be interesting.

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