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May 20th, 2014

May 20th, 2014

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So.  I'm thinking I should get a job.  Anyone know of any?  Preferably where they won't mind me taking the Full Moon off.


What is going on with you and Hal?  He says your done.

Texts to Rebekah and Stefan

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No evil or Heaven

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Somebody wanna go art supply shopping with me? Or we could go to a movie or the park or anything, really. I just don't wanna be in the house right now.

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No Evil!

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I was sitting on the couch, reading, with Arrow as curled up in my lap as he can be given the current state of things. All of a sudden, the baby gives ridiculously strong kick and Arrow jumps about a mile and runs off. Then he comes back, looking all ashamed for being scared and starts sniffing my stomach all curious like. Now it's like he can't get enough of sitting there near the baby.

I'm not going to lie, this is the cutest thing he's ever done since we got him! Hopefully if they bond now, he won't be any trouble once the baby is on the outside.

Either way, I can't stop giggling. And I think he's mad at me for laughing at him. But the more I laugh, the more the baby moves around and that's even better.

No evil nasties or jerky Heaven peeps

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Okay, so it's 5 days before my birthday and I'm trying to put everything together. Renting the bouncehouse, getting lanes at the bowling alley for glow bowling reserved, etc... I'm so excited!

Rose, can I use the center or is this too short of notice? Cause I totally get that and maybe I can beg Dad to just bring the party to our back yard. :P

And just saying in case there's any big issues... yes, Mikaelsons are invited. Sorry, but it's my party and they're totally friends. So.

Anyway! Ummm I hope this party is awesome cause I never planned one this big before. Usually just an odd sleepover here and there with like two friends. IDK HOW YOU DO THIS CAROLINE!

Filtered to Regina and Katherine

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Well now, aren't we rather the house of misfits.

Anyone want to explain why beyond Evil Queen and made some bad choices in the past or really is that it?

Because I noticed. And I was actually quite happy given circumstances

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[Filtered to Lydia]
Nope, he's being pissy with you
[Filtered to Kol]
Nope, he really hates you
[Filtered to Caroline]
Nope, same problem.
[Filtered to Tom]
Nope, not putting you in the middle
[Filtered to anyone who might give a crap who isn't on his to hate list, oh wait, that's no one because I don't have any other friends]
Fuck this shit.

[Filtered to Ginger]

Hi. I know we've not talked before, but you own that club, right? I was wondering if you had any jobs going?

[ooc: all the strikeouts are deleted without posting, not a blank post!]

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I'm so glad I can feel the sun again. But I think I got burned a little. Better than the opposite! Did I miss anything important?

I haven't seen you since we went shopping. So. umm? Hi!

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Okay. So I may have just adopted a puppy? One of the kids at the Center was crying earlier and he said he was moving and he couldn't take his puppy with him, so I said if he wanted me to I'd take him and take good care of him. His mom just dropped him off with all his stuff and he seems to like it here? I'm not sure. Anyway, this is what he looks like.

I managed to get him to stand still for a second... )

Ricky said I could change his name if I wanted but I'm not sure to what. His name is Spotty but apparently he doesn't come when called. I kind of want to call him Chekov after one of my friends because they have the exact same personality but I'm not sure. Anyone have suggestions?


You've been quiet. Need another movie and whiskey night? I have the Ghostbusters movies if that sounds appealing. Or we can watch my facetwin's movie, which apparently is available from Redbox today. I'll admit I'm interested in the Jack Ryan movie, and we can mock it together.


I owe you a rematch on our last game. How does tomorrow sound?

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You and I need to have another....chat, Katerina.

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i dont enjoy being stolen from when im attempting to help someone. i wont have people i cant trust in my kitchen.

Filtered: No evil, no Heaven

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The magic facility is now available for anyone doing private magic lessons, if you wish to use it. For the moment, there are sufficient rooms that you need not reserve a space as long as you do not require more than a small room. Anything larger, or if you need some sort of supplies or intend to do some larger spellwork, please let me know and I will make the necessary arrangements for you.

Additionally, anyone who wishes to simply take a tour of the location, it is now safe to do so. There are, of course, wards in place to protect those who are sensitive to magic or completely lacking it, so any areas you cannot visit safely will not be accessible. I apologize, but the majority of the tower is presently restricted to magical visitors only. The library is, while incomplete, accessible to nearly everyone.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


I believe I will require some sort of staff for this endeavor. At this time I am not certain how many, or in what capacity - though I believe I will first require someone to operate the desk in the reception area, and perhaps someone to assist with the library...

I would prefer to select people personally, to ensure a correct fit - perhaps with the "interview" process that is customary here - but if you have any suggestions or recommendations on the subject, I would greatly appreciate the input. I am not particularly familiar with this aspect of things.


I have a surprise for you.

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ugh for future reference I ain't a gorram chew toy.
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