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February 9th, 2015

February 9th, 2015

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WHO Bobby & Lydia
WHAT Lydia finds a dead body, like normal and Bobby happens to be there investigating.
WHERE A house somewhere near Lawrence
WHEN Feb 9th.
RATING/STATUS PG-13 | Complete

Clearly you’re well educated despite the love of trucker stop fashion. )

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WHO: Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson
WHERE: The graveyard
WHEN: Late afternoon February 9th
WHAT: Arriving in Lawrence
WARNINGS: Probably talk of death and Tarturus and crap
STATUS: In progress, will be edited with complete log

--- )

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WHO: Elena Salvatore and Jenna Sommers
WHEN: After this conversation
WHERE: Salvatore Boarding House Living Room
WHAT: Elena and Jenna catch up, one to one
STATUS: In progress

Elena had been expecting this. The only question in her mind had been when it would happen. )
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