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March 13th, 2012

March 13th, 2012

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Who: Liz and OPEN.
What: Her arrival.
When: Tuesday morning.
Where: In the city.
Rating: PG most likely.
Status: Open to anyone!

All the years of work had paid off but not in the way she had hoped it would. )

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Who: Chris Halliwell and his widdle sister
What: Arriving and being not dead
When: Just another Tuesday in Lawrence!
Where: Near the complex

You'd think he'd be used to these sorts of things )

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Who: Rory and Katherine
What: Rory bumps into an angry Katherine on the streets
Where: Streets of Lawrence
When: Evening of the 13th
Status/Rating: In Progress/Possibly a bit high with Katherine's mood

Rory needs some hobbies other than wandering around town )

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Who: Myka and Helena
What: Talking and trying to help Myka understand things. With a side of "You're alive?"
When: Earlier this evening
Where: Myka's room
Warning: Serious angst. No really. The angst will KILL YOU. Just not as much as the Russian angst will kill you. BUT IT'S CLOSE. Anything else is TBA because my god the possibilities. Oh and do mind the subtext, it can trip you if you're not paying attention.

As much as I'd like the past not to exist // It still does // And as much as I'd like to feel I belong here // I'm just as scared as you )
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