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May 8th, 2011

May 8th, 2011

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Who: Mary (narrative)
What: All the angst.
Where: Mary's apartment
When: Mother's Day, just before Sam and Dean come to get her for dinner.
Warnings: All. The. Angst. Also wildly irresponsible disregard for sunscreen! Don't go tanning kids, it's bad for you. Um, also they kiss a couple times in flashback. OH NO.
Mary could remember the first time she’d known she was in love with John Winchester. )

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Who: Anakin and Tahiri
What: Post dinner antics and awkwards.
When: tonight, before the Cade sithy spike.
Where: Her place
Warnings: don't see any!

Being with the family brought back too many memories.. )

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Who: Cade Skywalker and Lucifer.
What: Nightmares of Ossus and traditional Skywalker temptation.
Where: Cade’s noggin’.
When: Night after Mother’s Day.
Warnings: Massacre, visions of unpleasantness. Nothing hugely gorey, but mature subject matter ahoy!

Nightmares were hardly a new thing to Cade. )

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WHO: The Doctor and OPEN
WHAT: Confusion, then arrival.
WHEN: Night, May 8th.
WHERE: The sidewalk off of a park.
WARNINGS: Nothing really. Oh, except for the confusion. Both the confusion of the Doctor and the confusion he's bound to cause in whoever comes across him. He's quite good at that.

The crash knocked him out of the moment. )

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WHO: Jessica and Freddie
WHAT: Jessica's arrival and wtfery!
WHEN: Night, May 8th.
WHERE: Residential neighborhood to down town.
WARNINGS: Nothing really.

I thought I was in heaven? )
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