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Quest for Shipwreck Cove [May. 22nd, 2008|06:52 am]
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When: the morning after this (still ongoing and soon to be nsfw due to Bill & Jack being hungry, Miniver being available, and all three of them being their usual nymphomaniacal selves) also: PIRATE DAY!
Where: Out on the ocean, headed toward Shipwreck Cove
Why: See above, re: PIRATE DAY!
Who: the crews of the Endless Horizon and the New Vanity
Warnings: None yet. But dude, pirates

Jack had woken early, as he usually did, and even before he heard the Dutchman's joyous shout he knew that they were home, something about the air, the quality of the light, he would be hard-pressed to figure out exactly how he knew, all he knew was that it was home, and despite his previous objections to repeating time, this was different.

He grinned before extracting himself carefully from the other two, knowing that Bill at least would sleep a while yet, he dressed quickly, grin just spreading as he stepped out onto the deck, settling his hat into place. It had been an adventure before, a quest even, but now, right now, for today, it was a real Quest.

As soon as he was away from the cabin door he was barking orders as he made his way to the helm, still grinning half maniacally, it was a happy expression, really. He petted the wheel, as he was prone to doing, the ship still wasn't the Pearl, but it was much closer now than it had been yet.
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