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Just like the curse, just like the stray, you feed it once and now it stays. [Aug. 7th, 2008|02:16 pm]

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Faithy )

Bobby )

Solvei )

Dad )

Samantha )

Anyone wanna buy a bar in NYC? I'm still thinkin' on it, but if you're interested, let me know anyway.
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[Aug. 1st, 2008|10:11 pm]

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I honestly never thought that I'd turn in my jaded bitch card. But it's had way too much use and I think I like the happy thing better.

Mary and Danny )
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[Jul. 30th, 2008|04:53 pm]

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[Danny and Mary] )

[Friends and family of John Winchester, not viewable to him] )

[Deity/God/Force of nature that saved John Winchester] )
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[Jul. 28th, 2008|10:35 am]

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Solvei )

Dean )

Bruce )

Faith )

Grace )

Today is going to be a good day.
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[Jul. 27th, 2008|08:48 pm]

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Real nice to sleep in today and not have to get up early to deliver a sermon.

Hope you found the key if you came around Sam, hope things are workin' out.
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[Jul. 24th, 2008|09:59 pm]

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Wow, that was unexpected. That was pretty funny actually. This universe sure does have a sense of humor since it made me into a nun.

John )
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[Jul. 18th, 2008|09:45 pm]

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Father John? Would you like to go over your sermon for mass on Sunday?

[[ooc: Sam never went to Vegas. She became a nun instead. John Winchester is a catholic priest.]]
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[Jul. 16th, 2008|09:37 am]
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[Current Mood |scared]

Wha... what? Where am I?!

Lena? Carmen? Tibs? Where are you guys?

What the hell am I doing here? And where is... here?!
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[Jul. 12th, 2008|10:46 am]
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Sam )

Why the hell can't things just be simple.
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[Jul. 9th, 2008|09:44 pm]

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Far as bad days go, this is up there.

Sam. Dean(s) )

Anyone else )
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[Jul. 1st, 2008|05:39 pm]

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Long hunt. But I'm back in Vegas now. Why in the hell would I be getting hitched Sam?

Bobby, Dean, Sam )

Samantha )

Private )
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[Jun. 30th, 2008|03:25 pm]
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I don't even want to know.
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[Jun. 23rd, 2008|02:03 pm]

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Attention! Rich People! Newly rich, always rich, lost it and got it again rich! All of you!

This is for all of you monetarily inclined out there. My friends and I have just got here, to the city of sin. That's right, Las Vegas. I've promised them that I would bring in big money to their casino. Since I am one that never fails to do what she's promised, here's where you come in. You come to Las Vegas, to Danny and Mary's casino specifically, and I will personally show you the best time of your life/lives. Anything you can think of that you want? I'll get it for you.

Tony Stark? I hear there are two of you. In my world I showed a you a great time. You came yearly to relax in fact. Bring your ladies and we'll even throw in free spa treatments for them.

Bruce Wayne? I heard that you were around as well. Feel up to some roulette like you liked in my world? Come on by.

Any other wealthy people feel free to give me a call or message me here and we can discuss arrangements. Thank you for your time.

Those of you in the entertainment business -- looking for a gig? Leave me a message as well. Maybe you can come entertain the crowd. We have quite the audience in here daily.

Danny and Mary )

John )
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[Jun. 22nd, 2008|05:48 pm]
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What in the...?
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[Jun. 21st, 2008|03:13 pm]


I know I'm in Las Vegas. This is not my Vegas. I know that this Vegas is not mine because I just woke up in some cheesy apartment. In downtown! In a dealer's uniform!

Where the hell am I?
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