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[Jul. 13th, 2012|07:37 pm]
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Yeah, this place is just a little too exciting, you ask me. No one asked me, but I'm going to say it anyway.

Two alien attacks in two months just puts it in three star territory, you know?
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[Apr. 2nd, 2012|09:23 pm]
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Ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng...

Right, I got one simple question: where am I, and where the hell is my ship and crew?

...that was two questions. Nevermind. Just answer them!
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[Aug. 6th, 2008|12:43 pm]
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This just ain't my week. Kaylee, I vote we go on vacation.

Kaylee )
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[Jul. 31st, 2008|06:09 pm]
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reckon I had a might to much to drink last night. anybody tell me what planet this is. maybe point me in the direction of a boat called Serenity? aint like nothing I ever seen before.

Mal + Serenity crew that aren't River and Simon )
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[Jul. 21st, 2008|11:17 pm]
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Pardon me, but could someone let me know what manner of planet it is that I've come to be on? Nothing is familiar and it's so busy!
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[Jun. 28th, 2008|05:52 pm]
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Kaylee )
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[Jun. 28th, 2008|06:17 am]
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River Tam!

DALEK finds you utterly fascinating!

DALEK is in... love?

DALEK would love to marry you, River Tam!
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[May. 25th, 2008|10:17 pm]
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Just like every other damn war...
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[Mar. 3rd, 2008|03:03 pm]
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You have GOT to be kidding me.
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[Jan. 12th, 2008|12:46 am]

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Hey Captain Mal, I think we should have everyone over soon...do something.
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