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[May. 5th, 2008|11:52 pm]
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Jacinda )

I just have to brag for a moment. I grew a human ear and crafted it from scaffolding and cells of cartilage, then implanted it under the skin on the back of a mouse. Once it matured, I removed it surgically, with no damage to the mouse, and attached it to a man who'd lost an ear in a freak accident several years ago.

I am amazing. Simply, utterly, incredibly amazing.
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[Apr. 1st, 2008|07:02 pm]

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Is there anyone who can explain why there seems to be numerous pranks played today? I wasn't very amused to find my car covered in whipped cream. Just what is April Fool's?
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[Mar. 8th, 2008|10:01 am]

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Jamie, could I borrow some clothes? Mine don't fit... anymore.

Um. Lara. We'll have to reschedule.
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[Jan. 21st, 2008|11:33 pm]
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Private )

Long night...
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[Jan. 21st, 2008|05:49 pm]

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I got a call from the hospital. Brodin was brought in some time ago and it doesn't look good. He's in surgery at [address] in London. I've asked Mia T to start the calling tree for family and crew. For anyone else that knows Brodin, we'll try to keep you updated.

[ooc: this is backdated to really late last night/early morning]
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[Jan. 16th, 2008|08:48 pm]

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Hey! Has anyone seen my parents?
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