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Aug. 24th, 2008


I promised myself no more new characters. I was going to be firm about it but couldn’t *hangs head in shame*, I blame reading. Reading gives you ideas!

So, this is Claude Ménard who used to be the valet/secretary/general dogsbody of a reclusive French Count, Etienne Lacroix. Claude had hopes that one day, since his master had never married nor reproduced, he would be left a sizable part of the estate when the old man kicked the bucket.

To his great delight one day he was called into the old man’s study and gifted with the man’s signet ring on which was drawn the family crest and documents that named Claude the Count. That night he went to bed happy, dreaming of his fortune and awoke to discover his employer had scarpered and there were solders looking for the Count to arrest him.

It was obvious to Claude that he’d been set up to take his master’s place on the guillotine but his devotion to the household hardly went that far. Packing away anything of value as well as the ring and papers he left the house before his identity could be questioned and headed for the channel where he paid for passage to England.

He is passing himself off as Etienne Lacroix, the Count de Bayou, relying on the man’s reclusive nature to insure the deception works. He heard that the real Etienne was captured on the way to Germany and executed (Or was he?) and so hopes the revolutionaries will no longer be searching for him and he can get on with living the life of luxury he’d always dreamed of.

Some possible plotlines I’d love to play out:
• Someone in the French Embassy realising that there appear to be two Etienne Lacroix’s – one dead and one still very much alive.
• Someone discovering his deception or who knew the real Count.
• The real Etienne having escaped (or had someone else killed in his place) arriving and demanding Claude provide for him or else he’ll reveal the lie and send Claude to the gallows. Identity theft in the 1790’s was handled much more brutally than it is today.

Aug. 23rd, 2008


alright, ladies and gents. i know i have been absent from the festivities for quite sometime but i have an honestly good excuse for doing so. see i live in FLORIDA and we are experiencing a natural disaster called TROPICAL STORM FAY. what a bitch! anyway, I have been without power for a little over a day and we just got it back. never have i wanted all the lights to be on in a house before. lol.

anyway, i am fine. we had some flooding, power outages, down trees, tornados and gusts of wind up to 60-something miles per hour but all is well now. we are having the aftermaths of the storm which is just rain rain rain and more rain. everyone once in a while we can see the sun but then it goes away again. no worries loves, i will try my damnedest to be around. just..if i disappear again, you know why. fuckin' florida!

miss you guys!

Aug. 22nd, 2008


Um, hi all! My name's Kayleigh and I'll be joining this fine game with the not-so-fine Davey MacCullogh, a thug in Harry Fisher's gang. He's a local lad from the area with a large family (mostly centred around his father's pub, the Hoof and Hound) and knowledge of the place that's slightly better than the back of his hand. He loves a fight but is getting a bit old for constant battles now and he knows not to bother wasting energy if he might need it later on. He's also friendly enough to anyone he doesn't have a problem with and can even be quite chatty if he feels like it. Nothing too intellectual, as he can't be bothered with that stuff, but there's always the fights and the local gossip to go over instead.

Me, I'm a 21 year old Environmental Student at Cardiff with a fascination for research that has absolutely nothing to do with my subject. Some of you might know me better as [info]hyadum on LJ or even as [info]loopily on the same. Either way I'm more likely to be reached at or on this guy's journal. Occasionally I might appear on AIM or MSN but e-mail's normally the best way to get hold of me. I'm pretty much always online, because procrastination is fun, so responses are generally quick.

I'm really looking forward to rping with you all and would love to get to know fellow or enemy gang members or other locals for plotting etc.

Aug. 20th, 2008

[info]wiltedwalflower feels like I was just doing this not that long ago with Mina, but the bug bit and I could not resist. Meet Lucy Pendelton, the eldest of the five Pendelton sisters and the familys ugly duckling. The Pendeltons aren't a wealthy family by any means, but they are members of the aristocracy, and they make sure they attend all functions and gatherings they can. Lord and Lady Pendelton are determined to marry their beautiful daughters off to rich, titled men. Well, all of their daughters except Lucy. Poor Lucy, at 24, has all but given up on finding a husband. Her parents ignore her, as she is of no use in bringing them wealth anymore. Most people are like that with Lucy, really. She's taken for granted as always being there. She's dear Lucy, sweet Lucy, always there but never really seen for anything more than a passing glance.

Well, plain, boring Lucy has a secret. As she has access to the aristocracy gatherings, she also has access to her secrets. And since she's good ol' dependable Lucy, no one takes much notice of her. So, Lucy used her brain, and found a way to strike back at the society that keeps her at its fringes.

Lucy happens to be the infamous Lady Littlebird, the author of the scandalous gossip column that is published every sunday in the paper. Lady Littlebird knows quite a bit, and has no qualms revealing her knowledge. What first started as just a little catharsis for Lucy took off and became a sensation. She now is sitting on quite a nice little pile of cash, but she can't use it. How would she explain that?

None of her gossip is done with malicious intent, mind you. Lucy doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She knows she's got a good thing going with this gig and isn't going to give it up. She also knows its rather dangerous, for if her secret is ever found out, she'll be in big trouble.

What I was thinking of doing is every week, having a post up in Lucy's journal for you guys to leave "gossip" for her to publish, and then at the end of the week, posting Lady Littlebird's column for all to see. That way, it can be used as a plot device for your characters and such! What do you think? Seem like an ok thing to try and run? If you guys don't like it, I won't run with it.

Also, I do want Lucy to have her own little plots as well, so if anyone is interested, feel free to let me know! You can always reach me on AIM at lawntkaypo!

So let me know what you all think! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Aug. 21st, 2008


Hiyyyoooo I'll give you 100 points if you guess who this is lol

WELL I bring you mr Callum Young, real name Alastair Crovey, Scottish actor living in London after being paid to take the heat for and pretend he is the REAL Callum Young, Antony Blackwood, who paints nude women; - lost yet?

He is 27, very flirtatious, flamboyant and OTT. Though many in his partying circles believe he is gay because of his outrageous love of gossip, flirting and tongue-in-cheek style, he loves the ladies and takes advantage of his position. After a drink or two he's quite loose-lipped but he's good as gold in the role of fake-artist, and has fooled many people.

He doesn't have many friends - see his info for full details on how shite he was as an alkie - but I'd be open for the roles of friends, lvoers, acquaintances, sparring partners, "subjects" for him to paint - the lot!!!!

Aug. 19th, 2008


Hey there. Mari here.

I swore to myself that I was not going to do this. I told myself that now I'm getting my foreign language requirement out of the way, I should be cutting back and taking more time to study. But sitting here in my campus library (trying to ignore the smell of goat curry coming from a table or two away, tempting my empty stomach with it's sweet goaty-curry goodness) I've had a moment to take a good look over my syllabi (seeing that I have four and a half days off a week) have more time than I first thought. And looking back over the comm, I've decided I'm not as active as I should be (which means I've been leaning on Poppy and Jade too much and need to get something moving myself), so I'm throwing my kiddies out there.

[info]joiedevivre Olivia Blake - The youngest Blake and the only daughter. She's sweet and adorable, never an unkind word or thought about anyone. She's gone and fallen in love, or at least she believes it to be love (it would be news to her if it wasn't), with another girl but is still so very unsure about love and sexuality, but She does tend to fall into crushes now and then (currently: Charlot Abraham, whom she has only recently discovered is having an affair with her brother Christopher, but she does not seem to care. And Jacques Belmont, whom she only met once but is quite taken with his idealism and charming good looks). She's truly open for anything.

[info]mizslater Cordelia 'Delia' Slater - She's the exact opposite of Olivia in every way. The most frequent thing she is called is 'bitch' and she finds that very fitting, wearing it like a badge of honor. There are three things in this world she hates more than anything: Her mother, Harry Fisher and Vivian Thorpe. All of which she would give her left arm to see remove. She's usually just looking for a good time, especially if she can hurt someone or gain from it. Currently she is in search of a wealthy and or titled husband, at her father's urging, and can actually manage to hide her ugly traits long enough for a man to become interested in her. But for the moment that is taking a backseat to the situation between her father and Harry, she would like nothing more than to hurt the man in some way but her father keeps insisting that she stay out of it (obviously she finds ways around his insistence). She is such a little sadist, in both physical and emotional senses, so only send your characters her way if you are as much of a sadist as she is.

[info]rakehell Antony Blackwood, Earl of Gourock - Oh Antony, I don't think I have to say much about him. Painter. Loves the nude female form. Loves all women (he could even love Louisa if she lightened up a bit and he wasn't so afraid of her. Always looking for lovers models to pose for him, and this usually gets him into trouble, not that he minds that as long as he gets what he wants and he only wants to make women feel good about themselves. Right now he's looking for a wife who would be able to tolerate him. Also, he would love it if someone would take up the role of the fake Callum Young, the actor he pays to play the artist so he may paint in peace and still have a decent reputation.

Anyway, that's all from me. Plot ideas or questions welcome, comment here or you can reach me on AIM @ Caputlupinum. Love you all, now I must be off to French.



Hello, all!  This is Ash, aka Merek Aubert, just letting you all know I will be gome until Monday, due to a family vacation (which I was only told about a matter of minutes ago.  -facepalm-).  To all those I have storylines with, I'm sorry for not being able to offer better notice, it came about quite suddenly!

Looking forward to playing with you all when I get back.



The Highwayman

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'd like to take this oppertunity to tell you that today is the 4th anniversary of Toujours Liberér's opening! ^^

Also, I have a new character that might be of interest to you.

This is Captain Morgan (PBed, of course, by the lovely Jason Isaacs, who went unclaimed for far too long!), a Scottish clan-member who was for all intents and purposes forced into the British Army so he couldn't help defend the people of the Highlands.

To prevent rebellion or any other difficulties, Morgan and his fellows were shipped off to the Caribbean to defend British colonies from the ravaging of the French and Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese(and to a lesser extent those pesky Americans, because you never know what they're planning to do next!). There he found he had a natural talent for soldiering, and rose to the rank of captain by preforming several ridiculously suicidal missions, just for the sheer rush of excitement they gave him. He can't move higher up the ranks due to his Scottish blood, and, perhaps a more valid reason, his complete lack of decorum.

However, all that is cut short when he's seriously injured in battle, forced into retirement and shipped back to England. He hates England, but the land he is given at retirement is in the Home Counties (Berkshire, to be exact) and with no where else of his own, he has a house built there, so he can be at least a little closer to his London doctor.

Bored of bed rest to heal his arm, he starts looking for adventure, and decides to start up as a highwayman along the near-by London to Bath road, a very busy road at that point in time. He steals from people, normally to only send it back anonymously after the excitement had died away.

He can't go admitting he's a highwaymen in the social circles he belongs to, either, so he's taken on the personality of the bookish recluse, only attending society functions when he's already in London and never making a special trip for it. Society, however, is quite desperate to hear of his heroic actions on the field of battle, and are undeniably surprised what this hero of the newspapers won't flaunt himself like a proper hero, but hides himself away. As you can imagine, that brings a lot of gossip his way.

More information is here.

Long and the short of it: Ex-soldier and adrenalin junkie gets bored of bed rest and leads a double life; as gentleman highwayman, and as a social recluse.

Looking for:
  • Perhaps a young lady who attempts (but fails) to tempt the popular recluse from his shell.
  • His doctor, at wits end with Morgan’s constant disregard to his health and to the recovery of his shoulder.
  • A retired superior officer, happily embedded in London society, and baffled by Morgan’s change from berserker to bookworm.
  • A close friend, someone who will write to him and keep him informed of goings on in London, perhaps who does know his 'other self'.
Any questions, plots, or squees over Mr Isaacs?

Aug. 17th, 2008


Calling all character maniacs...

I am looking for someone to pick up the former Missus of Slater - that's all I'm going to tell you about her for now :)
If you're interested give me a bell! I have a few PB's in mind.
AIM is aureliebeauvais

Thaaank you very much ^_^

Aug. 16th, 2008



Hey everyone! It's Afton who plays Mary Roper, Abigail Mountford-Miles, Angel Worthington, David Hale.

 I'm sorry but I'm going to have to snag a hiatus for a couple weeks. End of summer, getting packed for school, working extra hours, parties in the free time... yeah. Plus I managed to get strep a week ago... not fun. My creativity is seriously zapped to nothing, and my time's gotten limited. It sucks. I will be back when I get moved in at school and settled down a bit. I miss you guys! :(

I'll drop a solo diary thing or whatever so mary's whereabouts are answered for, but Angel's just.. busy with her party or something and David's off doing soldier-stuff. Abigail M-Ms probably in her room and doing proper ladylike things and ignoring her fam again.

Aug. 14th, 2008


Dear All-

Lord Hurst's Ball is now onto it's second comment page. Please do not over-look this page in your replies as we don't want any wall-flowers if it can be helped!

The Mods

Aug. 13th, 2008


Hey, everyone! I'm Amanda, for those who don't already know, and it has come to my attention that I do not interact with as many people as it would seem. This is all my fault, I confess and am here to remedy that immediately. I'll start off with a summary of my characters, how does that sound?

Daphne Wexley ( [info]daphnelovering ) ;; Daphne was part of the Revolution, having run away from her family to revenge her -supposedly dead- fiance who was also a Revolutionary. His name was Robert Lovering. After 4 years, she started to lose sight of who she really was and ended up falling in love with the kind Doctor Daniel Perkins. Now she in engaged to him and no longer participates in the Revolution, but wouldn't mind getting her hands dirty again. Her family despises her for wanting to marry Daniel, and after they were briefly reunited, she left them once more for that reason. She's spunky, fiesty, flirty, but can be extremely serious when it is called for it - a woman before her time to be sure.

Lysander Mountford-Miles ( [info]lysandermm ) ;; my most complicated character yet. The eldest of the infamous Mountford-Miles children, and for six years was believed to be dead. Everyone thought he had drowned when the ship that he and their father had been traveling on sunk on their trip back from France. What they didn't know was that Lysander was stabbed in the back and tossed overboard by a stowaway who made it off the ship before it sunk as well. Apparently, he was under the impression that the youngest Mountford-Miles son, Eward, had wanted his eldest brother to kick the bucket and blackmailed Eward after he had done the deed. Lysander survived, not without suffering a limp from severed nerves in his back. Upon his returned, he had sworn revenge against his brother, but had put it off, beginning to believe that he was a changed man and had not actually ordered that hit on him. Lysander even went so far as to kill of Katherine Rochester's old fiance so that Eward would have her to himself, before Eward pissed him off and had him beat nearly to death. He feels guilty about it all, since he's always been the kind one, but the bastard needed a taste of his own medicine.

James "Jimmy" Slater ( [info]youngslater ) ;; Son of gang-leader and all around nasty guy Slater, Jimmy grew up knowing how to get his way through several different avenues of persuasion. Though he's never been one to threaten people with violence, he does like to hit people. That developed into his love of boxing and he owns his own establishment in which he holds fights, some of which he participates in. He's a very charming individual and is slightly a womanizer, prefering the older female to the young ones. He's been nearly caught - yes nearly - several times with married women while the husbands were out. At the moment though, he attentions are focused on Ann Wayland, who owns her own tavern and whom is the sister of his father's arch enemy and competition, Harry Fisher. Jimmy was ordered by Slater to infiltrate Harry's gang and seduce Ann, though he's only fulfilled part of that so far - and would like to infiltrate soon, btw! - and much to his dismay, he's begun to really fall for Ann. Anything to get in the way of his the one thing he's been asked to do!

Right, that is it guys. If you'd like to interact with any of these characters, comment here or hit me up on decidedly not on AIM! Thanks guys!


An invitation!

I got permission from the mods to post this here, so I hope no one minds!

[ Basics ] [ Rules + Guidelines ] [ Application ] [ Cast ] [ Wanted ]

I've enjoyed this community so much (even though I've only been here a day), and have had such trouble finding quality non-fandom RPGs, that I decided to create one myself! ...This morning. Which is why it's empty right now, but hopefully will fill up soon.

Any and all are welcome and encouraged to join, if they so desire!



Christine Marie Aubert

I know we're currently being bombarded with new characters and unfortunately for the lot of you, I'm adding to it! bwahaha!

Tis Jade with her newest addition, Lady Christine-Marie Aubert, Merek's half sister. She's a sweet girl but not without an adventurous streak, for example - running off to explore London the minute she arrived. She was very much a Daddy's girl, but with him being murdered she's substituted him with her brother - and they have quite a questionable relationship (at least on Merek's side).

Christine loves to gossip, adores parties and meeting new people and friends. She is quite a girly girl with a tendency to be rather wild occasionally. She was in the middle of choosing a suitor in France, and she's looking to continue that here, but I'm thinking because she is so sweet and naive perhaps she could be used, get into a bit of trouble, have some kind of affair, anything goes!

Her whole info is in the journal. I'd love to plot with you lovelly people so feel free to comment me here or aim me on aureliebeauvais ^_^

Aug. 12th, 2008


Hello all! My name's Samantha and I bring to you Katerina "Kate" Ashcroft, a British-born Russian beauty. Her info's up on her journal, so anything you want to know is all right there.

As for me, I'm a almost 22-year-old history and English major working on a WWII warship as a tour guide and getting ready to go back to college. I'm up for any storylines, plots, whatever! Friends and enemies, anyone and everyone.

If you want to plot or just chat, here's my contact information:

YIM: TeaWithVoldemort6
AIM: DrunkennLullaby (best way to contact me)

I'm on pretty much all the time, and if I'm away feel free to still leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP. Glad to be here! =)



We have updated the Characters in Play list. From there, you can update your flist (Friends List) page using the Friending Button.


A grand re-haul of the Characters In Play list will happen some time in the near future, with characters being alphabetically listed in social rank lists;
  • Lower,
  • Middling/Merchant and
  • Titled/Upper
classes. If you feel your character's social rank is ambiguous, please comment here with their full name and their correct social rank as per the three categories above. If necessary will will have a "misc" category but we would rather characters go in either of these three. If you need help placing your character, please comment below.

The list will be completed as soon as I have some proper time off work!

Aug. 10th, 2008


So, I officially suck balls.

I haven't been around as often as I should because it seems this past month was designed to kick me when I was already down. BUT - I am gradually getting back in the swing of things and I just want to apologise for my absence from threads, interaction, AIM and such like. I really want to get some plots and threads on the road, so Slater, Robin, Eward, Daniel, Ann, Amandine and Ramez are all fired up and ready to go if anyone would like to nab them for a scene :)

Missed you all

<333 Jade

Aug. 8th, 2008


Mod Post: Party

I'm sure all of you already know but if you don't Lord Hurst's party is up on the main comm.
Here's a link:

It's open to everyone so come, mingle and enjoy yourselves.


Hey guys,

I'm sorry for not being around. I've been afraid of posting in the OOC about it because it seems like I've already made two "I'm sorry for not being around posts". Work hasn't gotten better because we haven't been able to hire a new employee, so I'm still double-shifting but hopefully we'll be hiring another person next week.

My grandmother hasn't been doing well and my aunt just had a massive heart attack, so in the free time I have, I've been keeping up with them. I apologize for not being around, I feel awful for it and I hope that I am still able to be a part of this community. I am so, so sorry. I love this game and so do Lucas and Charlot. I didn't want to have people think I died off, things are just really chaotic for me right now and I'm hoping they'll clear up soon. I will try and be around more, even if I have to thread via email on my phone. Please don't hate me. :[

Aug. 6th, 2008


So I thought long and hard about what the community needed and what was on the wanted characters page and police constable jumped at me (especially since our last one dropped out on us so suddenly!)

So here is Jack Church. He’s twenty-nine and a policeman, currently his beat is down around The Bridge Theatre and towards Madam Isabel’s house.
Jack used to run with the same gang as Harry Fisher when they were younger but aged fourteen when Harry was arrested for assault and burglary Jack was given a choice – go to jail or rat out the gang.

He sold out the gang, Harry was sent to jail, and Jack became a snitch for the local constabulary. After a few years he took a job with but was unable to rise any higher due to his background.

Stuck in a dead-end job, arresting those who he’d run around with as a child he fell into bad habits – gambling to be exact but he wasn’t very good at it, losing more money than his job brought in. To appease his creditors Jack began to do favours for them, looking the other way once or twice.

So he’s a corrupt policeman who spends most of his time with the lower-classes and the gangs! He’s up for any and all interaction – he knows Harry so he’d probably know Viv, Slater, Constance and the boy’s from the theatre.

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