November 2008



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Sep. 12th, 2008


Dear players-

It has come to our attention that some of you have concerns about the game.

Roz and I have always tried to run the game in everyone's best interests, and we have always attempted to be as open and friendly as possible, and to always be around for people to talk to, especially when they have issues or worries or questions. We have always made it clear that we will take comments and criticisms on-board and try and make the game a better and more enjoyable one for everyone involved.

As I understand it, players have been upset by my lack of timely replies, amongst other things. For that I apologise. I have attempted recently to get back on tract with those threads I had left over the past few weeks- however, I have no objections to being 'poked' about threads or plots, and would rather be poked than leave threads and storylines unfinished. You should all have my email ( and my AIM (leapfrogandpenny) so you may contact me whenever.

I also understand that some players feel that there are characters they wish to interact with, but they feel they can not reply to posts already containing a thread between two or more characters. This is not the case. If a post is tagged "Open to Anyone" (or whatever) then please feel free to jump in. You do not have to take into account any plot or storyline that might be occurring in other threads, simply reply as if no one else has replied to that character. Roz and I don't want players to feel that they can not interact with the characters they want to, so please bear this in mind- unless a post is closed or specifically marked for only certain characters, anyone can reply.

We put a lot of time into running the community and trying to keep everything running smoothly. We can't do this effectively without your help and comments, and your support. If you ever need to contact us, for whatever reason, you feel able to.

Jonathan and Roz

Contact the mods at:

Jun. 11th, 2008


Mod Post

Could we please remind people who wish to leave the game or drop characters to email the mods about these decisions before they post on the OOC community?

We don't feel this is a difficult request and we have already asked that players contact us directly. Even sending an IM message to one of us would be acceptable. After you have told us of your decision, and we have acknowledged it and made the necessary admin changes, feel free to post a "sorry I'm leaving" or a "so-and-so isn't working out as I'd hoped..." post. We know the game is very casually run, but we'd like some attempt at order occasionally. We'd like not to be the last to know these things. :)


Jun. 10th, 2008


New Characters

Welcome all new Characters!

New Character information have been added to the Friends Button and to the Characters in Play post, so to keep your friends list up to date please go to the Friends Button and enter your character's user name.

Jun. 8th, 2008


Character Number Increase

Dear All-

I have recently come under pressure from a certain mod who wants to bring new characters into game, and thus the number of available characters has been upped to six. This going to be the last character increase, as I don't personally think any more is playable or wise.*

Please do not feel obligated to have more characters than you can comfortably manage.

*At least until I'm threatened with a night on the sofa