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Oct. 8th, 2008


Hi everyone,

My name is Michelle and I'm taking over Olivia Blake. I've posted her new profile in this journal. I'm really excited, this game looks to be great fun. I'm open to pretty much anything as far as storylines go, so if you'd like to talk about an idea or pretty much anything else my contact info is in this journal's profile. I'm looking forward to getting to talk with you all both in game and out!


Oct. 6th, 2008


Hi, I just thought that I should introduce myself to you all!

My name is Hanne. I'm 19 years old and I live in Norway.

I've come in now with Nathaniel James Piper. He's a brit through and through and in line to become a Lord. He's pb'd by Zachary Quinto of Heroes fame.

I would love for some lines for him. Romantic, dramatic, friendship and family.  I'm especially looking for someone for him to be forced into marriage with ;D

Either leave a comment here, or IM me at either ZachOnDigital on AIM or for MSN.

Sep. 18th, 2008


Hoping to return

Hello everyone!

I don't know if everyone remembers me, it's been so long (I'm embarrassed!)  I played Lucrète Vernet and I recently got a message inviting me back to the game.  I disappeared after the people I had been posting with disappeared and my summer turned out to be quite busy.  But I'd like to rejoin the game!  I know there's a whole lot that has happened in the past few months and a whole bunch of new characters, but I'm trying to catch up.

Lucrète is a fervent revolutionary.  She originally came over as a friend of Jacques Belmont, but we can say perhaps she went back to France for a bit and is now returning to England.  ;-)  New friends, old friends, enemies, connections, all are welcome!  If anyone's interested in doing some plotting, my AIM is DreamOutLoud87.  I'd like to try to work out a backstory with some other people so she has more connections in the game, as well as get involved in what's going on now.

Hope to be playing again soon!

Sep. 15th, 2008


Lady Littlebird, round two!

Time for another collection post for Lady Littlebird! Comment HERE!

Sep. 12th, 2008


Dear players-

It has come to our attention that some of you have concerns about the game.

Roz and I have always tried to run the game in everyone's best interests, and we have always attempted to be as open and friendly as possible, and to always be around for people to talk to, especially when they have issues or worries or questions. We have always made it clear that we will take comments and criticisms on-board and try and make the game a better and more enjoyable one for everyone involved.

As I understand it, players have been upset by my lack of timely replies, amongst other things. For that I apologise. I have attempted recently to get back on tract with those threads I had left over the past few weeks- however, I have no objections to being 'poked' about threads or plots, and would rather be poked than leave threads and storylines unfinished. You should all have my email ( and my AIM (leapfrogandpenny) so you may contact me whenever.

I also understand that some players feel that there are characters they wish to interact with, but they feel they can not reply to posts already containing a thread between two or more characters. This is not the case. If a post is tagged "Open to Anyone" (or whatever) then please feel free to jump in. You do not have to take into account any plot or storyline that might be occurring in other threads, simply reply as if no one else has replied to that character. Roz and I don't want players to feel that they can not interact with the characters they want to, so please bear this in mind- unless a post is closed or specifically marked for only certain characters, anyone can reply.

We put a lot of time into running the community and trying to keep everything running smoothly. We can't do this effectively without your help and comments, and your support. If you ever need to contact us, for whatever reason, you feel able to.

Jonathan and Roz

Contact the mods at:

Sep. 10th, 2008



This is Ellis Wetherald, a 27-year-old, the brother to the Earl of Banbury.

He's a womanising, drinking, gambling, opium-smoking sponge. Recently back from a *cough* culture tour *cough* in Venice, after getting his sister's maid-servant pregnant four years ago. His family paid him to get as far away as possible so they could avoid any shame and scandal. Unfortunately for them, he's now spent all the money his family gave him, and he's back for more. He's keen to enjoy England just as much as he enjoyed Venice.

More information is here.

He's looking for his family, but also drinking-buddies, lady friends, gambling friends as well as fellow opium-smokers. Any offers?



Character Limit now upped to 20, just so you know

Sep. 8th, 2008


Hello guys, I'm going to be gone from Weds - Saturday, I'm doing a show down in Bournemouth and it's veeery hectic, so I won't be online.

Have fun without me!

Sep. 5th, 2008


okay guys, i want to bring in a new character. and instead of bringing in an all new character, i thought i would try to fill some sort of storyline.

if it's a boy you want, i play ROBERT PATTINSON and GERARD BUTLER
if it's a girl you want, i play HELENA BONHAM CARTER, SIENNA MILLER, and GWYNETH PALTROW.

let me know!


Just a quick note to let everyone know Jon and I will be away until late Sunday evening. We’re visiting my parents and will have intermittent internet access but may not get to things as quickly as we usually do.

Hope everyone is keeping well and look forward to seeing what you all got up to in our absence.

Sep. 4th, 2008


getting back from hiatusville

Hello everyone!  OMG I've missed y'all. lol Classes are started and mostly under control so I figure I can manage some lines a bit better.
 In case we have a bazillion new players... 

I'm Afton, and I play Mary Roper (Harry's younger, dizzier sister), Angel Worthington (a duke's spoiled French-born daughter who can't believe she's stuck in England oh horrors), Abigail Montford-Miles (Youngest, generally sweetest M-M as if that is really saying much honestly) and David Hale (he's a soldierboy and he's got a gun and he's good at shooting stuff but sort of sucks at the relationship idea). 

So, they are very much back now and I'd be happy to figure out stuff to do with them. :D 

my aim is witchchild615 if you need to catch me and


Sep. 2nd, 2008



Hey all, college has started up again for me, so I'm afraid my characters will be MIA until I'm finished moving in and everything. Until then:

Jaques Belmont is alternately writing out memos and a satiric play about his father.
Lady Gwendolyn Linley is convincing her father about a Certain Probable Event and far too busy fo her usual rounds.
Miles Rochester is in Dover, overseeing various shipping operations.
Robert Lovering/ Richard Brinsley is on an extended trip in Opium Land.
Eliza Farren is learning her lines. 

Love to you all! <33333

Sep. 1st, 2008


I really am back this time and I have posted a thread! Aunt's doing much better, grandmother is doing well and things have finally smoothed out for me.

Only problem is that my aim name has been acting funky for whatever reason so I've changed it! You can now find me at to face it all! I'm back to my normal desk job so I should be online throughout the day.

Any dramatic events happen that Lucas and Charlot would know about?

Aug. 31st, 2008



Dear All-

It is now SEPTEMBER in the Toujours Libérer time-frame. To read about what's going on, check out:

The September Massacres
The First Earl Macartney sails to China
September 11 - Six men steal some of the former French Crown jewels from a warehouse where the revolutionary government had stored them.
Battle of Valmy: French revolutionary army defeats Prussians under the Duke of Brunswick after 7-hour artillery duel.
The French Convention abolishes the monarchy and establishes the First Republic.

This time of year is your last chance to enjoy a trip to the British sea-side (don't forget a jumper or two!), for the last hunting parties of the season, unless you are in the mood for Partridges in which case the season has only just begun! Also, the saints days for the Blessed Virgin Mary (8th), St. Matthew (21st), St. Michael (29th), so if you've got a religious character, you may be interested to mark these days. Any working class characters amongst you however will be glad to know that the holiday of the Blessed Virgin Mary also involves three days of celebration (no work!) and also the Fair at Blackfriars Yard would take place on these days- with food, entertainment, socialising and drama, both during the day and into the night. An all-comm post will be announced so characters both rich and poor can enjoy this event.

For those who are interested, a FREE online version of the Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy which is set during September 1792, can be found HERE, and is well-worth reading!


Lady Littlebird has landed!!

Lady Littlebird's first column has been posted! I am open to critique, criticism and advice, so feel free to tell me what you think!

Aug. 30th, 2008


You all know that the Characters in Play list is getting a bit difficult to manage. So Roz and I have been redesigning it lately and we've got the first part sorted. There are still a few coding issues, but here it is!

Aug. 29th, 2008


Hi! Kayleigh here again. I managed to get talked into getting another character (okay, so it wasn't particularly difficult) and so here she is.

This is Susan Abbot, Nell's older sister, who's been conspicuously absent for the last four years or so as she's been off enjoying herself in a travelling theatre company. Austria was wonderful, Paris was just so very much fun before all that fuss and she was quite fond of Italy too. She's an extremely flighty girl who's only ever out for her own interest; pretty dresses come before family any day. Strangely, she's a brilliant tragic actress, which is how she's achieved one of the top spots in her company. Maybe now she's back home she'll move elsewhere though, if the pay and fame are good enough.

She's greatly looking forward to what the social scene in the big city can offer her and hopes to perhaps pick herself up an older patron, or even husband. He would have to be much older though as Susan has no interest in having children or looking after little ones (that's what servants are for!). A few female friends would be nice too, just so she can keep an eye on the gossip and the changing fashions. Hopefully the experience will be interesting; she's so been hoping that now she's back home things will be better than before she left. Things were so droll last time.

Aug. 28th, 2008


Characters In Play

I have updated the friends button and the Characters in Play list. Today at work I shall be thinking about the new layout for this page.

In other news, these characters still require a short description/blurb for that page. Please post them in comments below.

  • Charlot Abraham
  • Katrina Ashcroft
  • Lady Christine-Marie Aubert
  • Lord Merek Rajiv Aubert, Viscount of Champagne
  • Antony Blackwood, Earl of Gourock
  • Fabian Burnbridge
  • Jack Church
  • Alexandre Pascal Clemenceau
  • Ramez P. Detraum
  • Vincent Duvalier
  • Meredith Fairchild
  • Eliza Ferrars
  • William Ferrars
  • Ensign David Hale
  • Claire Harwood
  • Charles Hurst
  • Simon Hurst
  • Augustin Laurent
  • Davey MacCullogh
  • Teresa Anna Manzoni
  • Edith Mountford-Miles
  • Lucy Pendelton
  • Sebastian Pleasance
  • Georgina Rochester
  • Miles Rochester
  • Xavière Sevin
  • Cordelia 'Delia' Belle Slater
  • Beatrice Stanley, Duchess of Marlborough
  • Wilhelmina Stockbridge
  • John Oliver Wexley V
  • Jocelyn Wolfe
  • Callum Young
  • Theodozja Zamoyski

Aug. 27th, 2008



I’ve just put this character up on the wanted character’s list but I thought I’d advertise here on the community as well and give anyone already in game a chance first, especially since I know some of you adore Nell.

I’m looking for a character I’ve mentioned a few times in his bio and other background things – his older sister Susan. She herself in a blank slate but she’d be between twenty-one and twenty-seven years old and have the same father as Nell if not the same mother as well.

She left the family home after Nell’s mother died, but before their father drank himself to death but didn’t return for the funeral and abandoned Nell to Harry Fisher.

What she’s been doing since she left home, why she left home, if she’s married or has children is all up to you but I’d love to play out a reunion – either with Susan having been unable to take care of him, or unwanting and maybe having sold him to Harry herself.

PB choice is yours but would like to keep the name the same. I really hope someone picks this up!

Aug. 24th, 2008


Lady Littlebird awaits!

This just in! Lady Littlebird's first collection post is up! I will allow comments from August 25-August 30th. After that, I'll disable comments and use what is left to come up with a column. So post! Leave me morsels and tidbits of gossip! I'm anxious to get this going! Go HERE!!! and drop a line!

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