20 October 2007 @ 06:55 pm
TEAM ROMANCE ENTRY: Crimson Vipera!  
Title: The Wedding Vows
Artist: [info]crimson_vipera. 2007 Interview to be posted in conjunction here.
Team: Team Romance
E-mail: crimson.vipera AT gmail.com
Genre(s): Postwar
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: PG, Drag mouse over space if you wish to know * implied M-preg, main character (natural) death *
Artist's Notes: This took me long, but with RL being as it is nowadays it's miracle I've finished it at all. It went from totally unrealistic plan of 10 boards, to slightly more realistic 5 and ended up being three (rather hastily finished). All in all, I even quite like it. My mother (and my beta. Thanks, by the way=}) made me realise I should probably write it: there's nothing wrong with the perspective in the second drawing. It's how I see wizarding houses. I feel that they should somehow show the unpredictability of the magic that pulses in them. Anyway, it's my artist's license=}And last, but not the least: thank you, Team Romance, for the support. You're brilliant. Thank You Mods for bearing with me and my chronic inability to keep to deadlines.
Media used: watercolours, pencils, watercolour pencils, dry chalk, black markers, OpenCanvas
Archiving/Usage permission, including the Tribute Video (only after the polls have closed and medals have been awarded): Promised to wikdsushi as a get well gift. Please don't use it unless she gives You an OK.
MOD NOTE: Dial up users, beware! Large image under the cut.

To Have and To Hold, For Richer, For Poorer )