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June 30th, 2009
12:26 am


Now THIS is how you show Transformers fighting Mr Bay...
Having, for reasons I'm not sure I quite believe, subjected myself to the horrors of "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen" (Or "Shia LeBeouf and the Hardware Mastur-Bay-tion") I felt I had to soothe my frayed nerves with some decent Transformers....

So this comes from the UK comic - Transformers Weekly #82, way back in October 1986.

From left to right, this happy little crew are Impactor, Rack'n'Ruin, Topspin, Whirl, Roadbuster and Twintwist (Only Rack'n'Ruin and Impactor are not actual toys in the TF line). The components strewn around them appear to be bits of Blitzwing, the Deception triplechager tank/jet/robot. (Oh, and yes, "get wrecked" had the same other meaning of "getting drunk" back in 1986 as it does now) These are NOT A-list Transformers... they are barely D-List Transformers, they are the Transformers equivalent of PAD's X-Factor cast, wannabe's and never were's. NONE of this crew ever showed up in the cartoon for example.

Before we begin I might drawn your attention to the colouring here, it really is rather lovely, John Burns taking full advantage of the different printing technique that the UK Weekly could use.

The Wreckers fight hard... REALLY hard... as we see in this introduction to the team as they launch a sneak attack with their feared battle cry of...

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