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May 30th, 2009
01:04 pm


Superman/Batman 50: World's Finest Dads
You know we need to get more stuff from the old lj mentioned here.

This is from Superman/Batman 50 where we discover that improbably Jor-El and Thomas Wayne met.

It's a 38 page book I've got twelve and 2/3's below the cut. Basically Thomas's entire Kryptonian adventure.

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March 1st, 2009
02:42 am
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World's Finest #153, Imaginary Story: Bats vs. Supes

So I was drafting up my second post when the comm got suspended. Fortunately it was already under the new "one-third of the comic" limit. [Mods: How's the balance between the commentary/the scans? I'm still vague on where the balance is supposed to fall.]

No 'My parents are DEAD' here, nope.

"The SAGA of Superman vs. Batman!"

Published November, 1963, complete with those awesome old-timey ads and one-pagers.

page2 ) page3 ) page4 ) page5 ) page9 ) page16 ) page17 ) page18 ) Cape and Cowl Comments )

The issue finishes off with more ads, more shorts, and "The Boy Who Changed The Future!", wherein one of those omniscient 1960's computers that talks to you in punchcard binary predicts the imminent destruction of life on earth (6am, June 1, 1952--mark your calendars). But since the kid used the computer without permission, he has to keep THE END OF THE WORLD a secret lest he get into trouble, so he sets to save it himself. It takes about two pages, naturally.

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