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March 2nd, 2009
10:41 am


Spotlight: Mirage
Spotlight: Mirage is, quite literally, the first comic book I ever bought. I thought it would be a fitting first post to S_D, too.

Until August 16th, 2008, I had subsisted on old issues and TPBs of my father's, leading me to have read most of Sandman when I was twelve, been left on a cliffhanger in Elfquest for five years, and have most of the Superhero comics I could get my paws on being Superman (usually The Death Of) and Batman. A few months before that lovely day, I had been introduced to Transformers through TFA, and had been working through the various animated series and diving into the wiki as often as I could.

And, on the 16th, I got paid for a commission I'd done for my mother, in the form of my first TF toys and this comic.

Best choice I ever made. (Until I went back a couple months later and picked up some awesome Marvel issues. Goldbug! Blaster! :D )

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I encourage anyone with even a vague interest in Transformers to look up this comic. It's an interesting character study, and a definite stand-alone, unlike most of the Spotlights (though a lot of them are pretty damn shiny), a good choice for anyone who likes a bit of trippiness and depressing in their comics.

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