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May 28th, 2009
10:46 pm


The difference between "clever" and "smart"
I'm not a scientist, but I DO work at a place which has some of the cleverest people in the country on staff; brilliant engineers who have built everything from satellites and landers to particle accelerators, software developers who helped build the Internet, physicists of every flavour from particle physics to the sort that require more dimensions than the Great old Ones inhabit... Seriously, their combined IQ would be terrifying.. But are they SMART as well as clever? That's a difficult question.

A former Chief Exec used to tell a story about visiting another research establishment, and asking how many scientists were employed there. Their CE told him "We have around two hundred scientists, and one inventor"... when asked to elaborate on what the difference was he was told "The inventor isn't the best scientist we have, but it's his output that allows us to pay for the two hundred scientists!"

And how does this relate to comics, well, this is a case study, as it were, of the difference between the two concepts of clever and smart...

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March 22nd, 2009
10:41 pm


When fanservice is essential to the plot who you gonna call? ADAM HUGHES!
I originally planned on posting this as a quick scan of Triplicate Girl's swimsuit, as I love the notion of a costume that splits into three different outfits to match the personalities. However when I dug the issue out, I realised that this was a golden opportunity to showcase how to best utilise your artist... You get Adam Hughes on art, then give him a story where the entire cast of sculpted young Adonises and curvaceous Aphrodites ARE IN SWIMSUITS... and it's not gratuitous, it's a PLOT POINT!


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