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[01 Oct 2023|05:26am]
Looking for a long-term Het PSL with someone who wants to write smut and fulfill wishes with my girl Jinn. Check out the journal for more information. Just imagine …
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[01 Oct 2023|10:00am]
looking for a slightly dominant male character for a line with watersports, pregnancy kink, dub con and more for my girl. thinking of using blake lively or emrata but i'm not locked into either of those yet.
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slash preferred, open to het [01 Oct 2023|12:48pm]
Body Modification Line Idea
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[01 Oct 2023|05:11pm]
looking for someone to play an older male against this girl - would love him to be a subscriber of her OnlyFans that offers her money to meet him in RL, or just a standard affair line. Would adore a Con O'Neill, but pretty open. few limits
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[01 Oct 2023|07:48pm]
Two ideas-ish:

1. Witch and her familiar. Human(oid), preferably more human than not. Do they partake in upcoming festivities? Rebel and avoid? Have they been together long enough to have feelings or rituals in relation to festivities?
2. A p.i. Is hired to follow a client's spouse; when the p.i. doesn't find evidence of infidelity, the client asks for a change in services, from catching in flagrante to honeypot. What happens next?

Twists and turns can be thrown in to add story to smut for both.
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