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[13 Apr 2024|05:11pm]

Cliché but I'd love a dominant, Saltburnesque possessive, Barry Keoghan for my Sabrina Carpenter in a celeb or PB psl!
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[13 Apr 2024|01:42pm]

marvel, dc, video game women, or pbs for a futa she-hulk? comment the journal.
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[13 Apr 2024|03:46pm]

i want to try something that seems reasonably popular in twitter roleplay: random starters. after deciding on characters, faces, and maybe a general idea, we set up a story based on a gif/photo. basically throw two people together and see what happens.

i'm hoping for slash stories with age gaps and i would want to play the older half. but other than that, let's discuss. this would be a bit smut-focused, but i'd love to build something deeper if we click.
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[13 Apr 2024|05:35am]

Looking for someone to write the female in a writing focused het non-SOL PSL based on the concept detailed here. Please comment here or at the journal if you're interested!
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[13 Apr 2024|01:19am]

Looking for some high fantasy lines. Het and journal based. Much more in the journal.
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[12 Apr 2024|05:59pm]

Do you want to play the Key Game?
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[12 Apr 2024|12:40pm]

florence pugh (please and thank you), daniel brühl, alexandra daddario, margot robbie, chris evans, ana de armas, more dominant people too. [info]commingling

open to plsls too!
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[12 Apr 2024|12:03pm]

[info]commingling new celeb smut gpsls with adds tonight! i would love to see jason kelce (guilty pleasure), blake lively, ryan reynolds, sabrina carpenter, dove cameron, chris evans, oscar isaac, pedro pascal, or anyone that wants late-night customs and scenes.
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[11 Apr 2024|09:24pm]

Looking for something Supernatural? Choose one of eleven beautiful supernatural creatures. Choose my picture or storyline. Some storylines for one can be tweaked for another. Try the Banshee.
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[11 Apr 2024|09:19pm]

Het for Hunter. She's written as a witch but can be played human. PB is Eliza Dushku.
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[11 Apr 2024|06:27pm]

looking for something dark and smutty, watersports a definite plus! i play the sub, very few limits.
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[11 Apr 2024|04:31pm]

i'm hoping to work out an arranged marriage line within a fantasy or sci-fi setting where we create our own races or borrow from pre-existing lit/media. seeking plot with smut (or smut with plot), character development, interesting cultural differences, etc. doesn't have to be remarkable literature, but would love something with substance!
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[11 Apr 2024|02:37pm]

Lines for a female Spider-Man/Peni Parker? Femme, futa, or het.
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[11 Apr 2024|10:16pm]
Looking for taboo lines. See journal for kinks and limits.
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[09 Apr 2024|10:59pm]
looking for a few slash meet cute lines that are a mix of lighthearted good times and fluff and raunchy, ever so spicy, smut. looking to write more than smut, but it definitely won't be faded to black. nothing intense or dramatic, just fun and spicy. a bit more depth in the journal for the interested! comment here or on the screened post in the journal.
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[09 Apr 2024|06:09pm]

Looking for partners willing to play female characters for het lighthearted, shamelessly smut-focused fluffy psls. I'm currently seeking a particularly niche kink as a central/main element: Clean footplay (the female being the focus-nothing abusive/degrading/emasculating or focused on making the male character "less than"). Other elements I'd love to have involved in liens are playful sensuality, female-led relationships (including gentle/seductive femdom), light bondage, female body worship in general, use of magic/powers in the bedroom, and damsel-in-distress play.

Check the journal for info and some interests, and contact me there (or here; screened either way) if something appeals!
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[09 Apr 2024|01:51pm]

Would love a futa for one of my girls. Have a couple of ideas under the cut.

Ideas )
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[09 Apr 2024|11:24am]

Open scene at the journal here.

Again, trigger warning is as advised, do not click unless you are interested. All comments to it are screened and a new custom will be set up with your tag for whomever replies.
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[09 Apr 2024|05:46am]

Looking for a female partner for a psl with Isekai elements. Something along the lines of my character being reborn as a half-elf in a fantasy world. Possibly throwing in some town construction inspiration, like in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime or Suikoden. Open for discussions to build the world.

Fantasy not appealing, or maybe just not feeling the idea? I'm happy to talk about other genres! I have some ideas in my journal that cover other genres. Or I'd be happy to read your pitches, or come up with something new entirely. Please comment here or at the journal if interested in any type of potential partnership!
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[08 Apr 2024|09:18pm]

A het for Chastity? Lines in the journal.
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