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[05 Jul 2022|03:25am]

eddie munson? :\
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[04 Jul 2022|11:50pm]

a Daddy for her? additional taboo/unconventional kinks welcome!
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[04 Jul 2022|03:45pm]

anyone else wanna like, idk, form a group of the stranger things characters and do a fix-it~ for season 4? harrington, to admit he loves me. or show me he loves me. billy because yknow, living in the same trailer park could be real fun. open to others too!
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[04 Jul 2022|02:54pm]

Pretty bored, and just looking for lines.

Het and Femme, MAYBE Slash if the line is right.

Very few limits, and usually up for anything.

Would love to play the female side of things, but willing to play guy.

Hit me up in the comments!
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[04 Jul 2022|05:29pm]

is there a payton moormeier pb out there for a little brother?
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[04 Jul 2022|04:23pm]

het customs for rachel weisz? younger men, beefy men, no otps
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[04 Jul 2022|03:53pm]

something dark and smutty for a milfy, rich bitch alessandra ambrosio pb? a husband's hot younger brother, a petulant, slutty daughter, a ruthless business rival, etc. het/femme, looking to quickly plan something and jump into writing
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[04 Jul 2022|12:20pm]

something slash for a jacob elordi pb?
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[04 Jul 2022|01:34pm]

Women to be a rich man's plaything? Secretary, nanny, or trophy wife especially loved.
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[04 Jul 2022|12:35pm]
A succubus for somebody in my journal, please?
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[04 Jul 2022|10:02am]

Older women who let their kid's bully fuck them and use them in exchange for being nice to their kid and leaving them alone. Or an old sister who takes it upon herself to be used by him in exchange for the same thing. You can comment here or the screened post if more comfortable with that.
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[03 Jul 2022|10:41pm]

Her lawyer ex-husband (partner in the firm she works at) who fucked up, so she divorced him and now he's trying every shady thing he can think of to get her back? Would love a Tom Hardy.
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[03 Jul 2022|08:05pm]

His brother that he gets fucked by when both of their dates bail on them for the weekend?
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[03 Jul 2022|02:01pm]

looking for het/pb scenes - ideas in journal. Some quick ones - first night at a brothel, stepbro or stepfather blackmails a girl, a good/bad girl goes to a party and hooks up with a guy she shouldn't, etc. comment in journal if interested. comments here screened, too. if you commented my last post, you should have a reply now. ij ate all my comments.
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[03 Jul 2022|06:27pm]

Looking for psls for her.

Could be het with her exploring things with a man. She is/ was dating women only most of her life and now she's faced with the fact she could actually be bisexual. Looking for a guy who's caring and sweet.

I think it would also be fun to maybe play against an ex she runs into again. Maybe she is dating a guy right now and things are awkward between them. But maybe feelings are still there?

Would love to work something out here.
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[03 Jul 2022|09:23am]
something het or slash and very filthy? a few kinks i'm looking to include are watersports, extremely rough fucking, large insertions, name calling and slapping/hitting. open to celeb, pb or celeb/pb
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[03 Jul 2022|05:41pm]

A younger man for her? Maybe a forbidden affair turning into more?
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[03 Jul 2022|05:46am]

I seem to have lost my Steve so searching for another Steve McGarrett for my Grace.
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[03 Jul 2022|05:43am]

Any Eddie’s around for my Buck? Comment here or the screened post in journal.
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[02 Jul 2022|08:38pm]

still a bit of room on this ditz's dance card for the long weekend--het/femme/futa, crossover, modern, historical, au, whatever. only a few hard limits and happy to chat/brainstorm.
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