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[13 Apr 2021|08:48pm]

looking for het taboo lines, check the journal.
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[13 Apr 2021|07:19pm]

something fun and slashy for him?
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[13 Apr 2021|06:55pm]

het/femme customs for her?
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[14 Apr 2021|06:44am]

Would anyone like to bring in an older male for her to a gpsl?
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[13 Apr 2021|04:52pm]
Looking for some lines with kinks like pissing/wetting, pregnancy/breeding, and object insertion. More details in the journal. Check it out, especially if you play Tom Hardy, Jason Momoa, MGK or Jamie Dornan.
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[13 Apr 2021|03:49pm]

looking for some dirty customs for a. a daddy talking dirty to his baby b. a smart little slut riling up her older lover, c. a line where a young woman has recently become a futa and is experimenting with her best friend or anything else in my journal.
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[13 Apr 2021|11:25am]

slash or het customs for him. mcu fam to join [info]mcufam for some low-key fun, looking at you mackie.
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[13 Apr 2021|11:18am]

Longest of long shots but lines for a 503 year old immortal? Prefer a modern timeline but since he's old could be a period bit too. An Elle Fanning (and/or because I'm greedy) Dakota Fanning PB could be fun or others, fairly wide open other than being het only.
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[13 Apr 2021|10:52am]
I'd really like to fill a couple dark, weird lines.

a. It's a long-haul journey to a new planet. They've just left the satellite fueling station, and settled into cryo, unaware that they have a stow away. The alien on board lacks the concept of what is human, but it recognizes fertile, genetically compatible individuals. So it begins a slow take over, taking over the best of the males, discarding the chaff. When it's finally ready, it wakes a suitable female, using itself and the human hosts to breed her.

Kinks: noncon/dubcon, 'tentacle monster', shapeshifting aliens, gangbang, forced orgasm, multiple penetrations, any other kinks in my green list.

b. The god that they worship predates humanity. It appears to them in whatever forms suits it, and the unwary might find that their divinely-inspired ecstasy has a sharp price. The benefits, however, are vast. Power, wealth, miraculous health. Years ago, the high priest took over from his father, but the god seems disinterested in him at best. Eager to curry favor, he prays and sacrifices, until suddenly, the god speaks to him. It has one demand. A bride. And it already has the girl in mind.

Kinks: human/eldritch god, rituals, non-lethal human sacrifice, multiple partners, deflowering, any other kinks in my green list.
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[12 Apr 2021|06:19pm]

Can we pleeeease get some more folks over at [info]indiepromotion? Dying to get more active with The Boss here.

Also, looking for any of the following for some PSLs:

Rhea Ripley
Roman Reigns
Alexa Bliss
Becky Lynch
Stephanie McMahon
Sammy Guevara
Cody Rhodes
Big E
Britt Baker
Anna Jay
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[12 Apr 2021|04:58pm]

tiktok guys, disney guys, or another jonas for something dirty and fun?
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[12 Apr 2021|02:15pm]

slash age gap? comment the journal if interested.
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[12 Apr 2021|02:10pm]
check the journal.
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[12 Apr 2021|12:35pm]

Looking for a few psls with a heavy focus on fluff and smut. Particularly seeking lines centered around one--or both--of the following two topics:
  • Gentle/loving femdom (info and prompts)
  • A Harry Potter line (looking to play a male OC opposite Ginny, Hermione, Pansy or Narcissa)

Check the journal for OOC info and a kink list. Gentle/loving femdom, female-led relationships, use of magic/powers during sex, and body worship in general (foot/leg worship specifically, the female being the focus/recipient) are some major faves. If interested, contact me via my IJ or here (screened either way).
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[12 Apr 2021|09:58am]

slash customs/scenes for shawn?
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[12 Apr 2021|12:14am]

anna kendrick for something fun?
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[11 Apr 2021|08:05pm]

looking for a long-term slash psl involving a brian kinney/justin taylor type of dynamic with my tom holland pb. he's young and smitten with your character, who just wanted to fool around and have a one-night-stand with a younger guy, and my kid becomes a bit of a puppy dog and keeps coming back, even if your character is rude to him to try to get him to go away. he doesn't, so of course they fall into bed again here and there. eventually your guy just can't help but feel something for the silly kid.

it could be similar to the beginning of queer as folk, or maybe reconnecting years later on after a break-up? another marvel face like jake gyllenhaal, sebastian stan, or chris evans would be a lot of fun, but i'm open to other pb's. smut and plot and drama would be a lot of fun. journals only and threading, though customs can be good for conversations.
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[12 Apr 2021|12:56am]
het psls? check the journal, please.
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[11 Apr 2021|03:45pm]

a submissive bottom for this guy? customs or threads, and willing to write against pbs.
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[11 Apr 2021|05:01pm]

Anyone interested in a broken, somewhat lethal boy here? One-offs or ongoing.

My kingdom for a non-flaky Steve or Sam but I'm open to other MCU faces as well as crossovers that make sense.
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