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[02 Oct 2023|08:16pm]

Looking for Het lines for Madison. Check out the journal for more information and ideas.
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[02 Oct 2023|07:53pm]
anyone else want to ruin their childhood and rip off marnie and kal from halloweentown ii? specifically something 15 or 20 years later? faces are negotiable.
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[02 Oct 2023|06:23pm]

Wednesday? Enid? Wednesday and Enid? Dare to dream I know but then it’s spooky season so who knows.
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[02 Oct 2023|11:02am]

Banshees, and Ghosts and Casters, oh my!

I have a bevy of supernatural beauties wanting to spend their Halloween in a Het. PSL. Choose your ghoul and let's play. Check the icon for more information.
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[02 Oct 2023|12:41pm]

it’s spooky season, let’s come up with something together. I’d like a gpsl or psl for one of my guys up for changing pbs or details to fit what we come up with together. I am looking to write het or slash pairings. slow burns preferably. sol or non-sol.
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[02 Oct 2023|12:25am]
an active het psl for one of the gals in my icons? sol with a side of something dark and twisty. I have ideas but am always up for brainstorming and I’m looking for a good mixture of plot and smut, custom exchanges, writing, moodboards, playlists, etc. hit up the screened post on this journal if interested!
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[01 Oct 2023|10:29pm]

Cliché but would anyone write Travis Kelce against Taylor Swift in a celeb psl? They're adorable and the guy is insanely hot. It'd be fun to write her with someone who can handle himself in and out of the bedroom. A bit of dominance, romance, and kink mixed in with some humor would be great.
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[01 Oct 2023|07:48pm]

Two ideas-ish:

1. Witch and her familiar. Human(oid), preferably more human than not. Do they partake in upcoming festivities? Rebel and avoid? Have they been together long enough to have feelings or rituals in relation to festivities?
2. A p.i. Is hired to follow a client's spouse; when the p.i. doesn't find evidence of infidelity, the client asks for a change in services, from catching in flagrante to honeypot. What happens next?

Twists and turns can be thrown in to add story to smut for both.
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slash preferred, open to het [01 Oct 2023|12:48pm]

Body Modification Line Idea
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[01 Oct 2023|05:11pm]

looking for someone to play an older male against this girl - would love him to be a subscriber of her OnlyFans that offers her money to meet him in RL, or just a standard affair line. Would adore a Con O'Neill, but pretty open. few limits
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[01 Oct 2023|10:00am]
looking for a slightly dominant male character for a line with watersports, pregnancy kink, dub con and more for my girl. thinking of using blake lively or emrata but i'm not locked into either of those yet.
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[01 Oct 2023|05:26am]

Looking for a long-term Het PSL with someone who wants to write smut and fulfill wishes with my girl Jinn. Check out the journal for more information. Just imagine …
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[30 Sep 2023|06:35pm]

Looking for a het. I have ideas for Jules and maybe you do to.
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[30 Sep 2023|06:28pm]

Looking for the male in a PB line that leans toward melancholy, with healthy dashes of romance, smut, and humor thrown in. See the journal for details on themes and plots and comment on the screened post there if interested. Pedro Pascal to the front of the line.

[30 Sep 2023|04:34pm]

A line with modern day gods and goddesses? More information in the journal.
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[30 Sep 2023|03:21pm]

A top Cameron Monaghan for a slash line? Open on suggetions for my pb.
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warning: noncon breeding [30 Sep 2023|01:46pm]

looking to get the line in my journal filled by a m
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[29 Sep 2023|11:08pm]

Looking for a het adultery line for this lady. Oscar Isaac and Jeremy Renner PBs to the front of the line if there are any around, most other faces open to consideration.
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[29 Sep 2023|05:19pm]

Choose your archetype from the nine choices. Brandy is itching to play.
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[29 Sep 2023|12:04pm]

Doubtful but a large hairy man for something slash? Open to ideas and brainstorming. Thinking slice of life and a line to just have fun with.
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