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[02 Oct 2023|12:25am]
an active het psl for one of the gals in my icons? sol with a side of something dark and twisty. I have ideas but am always up for brainstorming and I’m looking for a good mixture of plot and smut, custom exchanges, writing, moodboards, playlists, etc. hit up the screened post on this journal if interested!
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[02 Oct 2023|11:02am]
Banshees, and Ghosts and Casters, oh my!

I have a bevy of supernatural beauties wanting to spend their Halloween in a Het. PSL. Choose your ghoul and let's play. Check the icon for more information.
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[02 Oct 2023|12:41pm]
it’s spooky season, let’s come up with something together. I’d like a gpsl or psl for one of my guys up for changing pbs or details to fit what we come up with together. I am looking to write het or slash pairings. slow burns preferably. sol or non-sol.
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[02 Oct 2023|06:23pm]
Wednesday? Enid? Wednesday and Enid? Dare to dream I know but then it’s spooky season so who knows.
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[02 Oct 2023|07:53pm]
anyone else want to ruin their childhood and rip off marnie and kal from halloweentown ii? specifically something 15 or 20 years later? faces are negotiable.
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[02 Oct 2023|08:16pm]
Looking for Het lines for Madison. Check out the journal for more information and ideas.
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